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My Monkeys on Attack in the Year’s Best SF!

I’ve been a bit busy promoting my fantasy novels because one was temporarily free, the other had just come out, and both by most folks accounts are pretty awesome, so I’ve been a bit behind on my sci-fi.  But NO MORE!!  You guys remember my steampunk cyborg attack monkey story, “A Song of Home, the Organ Grinds?”  Well it’s been included in Baen Books’ Year’s Best Military & Adventure SF Volume 5.  For those of you who don’t remember because you never read it, here’s what the discerning folks over at Tangent had to say about it:

Even among the more restricted form of military SF there are some unconventional pieces. I thought James Beamon‘s “A Song of Home, the Organ Grinds” was one of the best stories of the year and was amazed that this “year’s best” was the only one to select it. No one should miss this alternate history tale of the Crimean War with a street urchin press-ganged into combat aboard an airship crewed in part by vampire attack monkeys.

No one should miss this, their words not mine, meaning you, meaning definitely check out the book.  The Year’s Best Military & Adventure SF Volume 5 is available directly on the Baen site and other online retailers (Personally I’d go to Amazon.  There’s a crazy amount of price disparity among sites, which I find both strange and perplexing).  You’ll not only get a chance to check out my story but eleven other stories such as the widely acclaimed “Thirty-three Percent Joe” by Suzanne Palmer.

Plus there’s a VOTE!  Readers get to decide which of these stories is the best of this year’s best.  The BESTIEST!  Once you check out the book, head over to the Baen site to vote on your favorite.  I’m hoping it involves killer steampunk attack monkeys…



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Pendulum Shift is Live(ish)!

Mixed news, gang!  The digital copy of Pendulum Shift is now live!  Absolutely zero problem if you’re a tablet enthusiast with a penchant for fantasy adventure.  Just click here to go to the online bookstore of your choice.

But, uh, for those of you who enjoy the feel of paper pages turning in your hands, there’s gonna be a slight delay for the print edition. Amazon flagged it for slight format errors, small things I won’t bother you with here, but which once again made me pine for the yesteryear of CreateSpace.   Those errors are fixed but resubmitting for publication takes me back to the bottom of the queue.

Rest assured, sometime this weekend the print edition will LIVE! And as an added bonus for those who are willing to endure the wait, I’ve set up a Matchbook price to where if you get the print edition you can download the Kindle edition for free.

Back cover of the print edition. Not showing the words for those who want a completely spoiler free read of Pendulum Heroes.

Meanwhile, those of you who signed up for the newsletter know I was running a contest to give away an ARC paperback of Pendulum Shift.  The winner is a Goodreads user named Phil.  I was supposed to announce this yesterday but I was dealing with Amazon and waiting for him to get back to me.  Everything in its own time I guess.  Or is it can’t rush the slow taste?  Either way, things are happening as we speak.  Sorry for the delay… I didn’t realize Pendulum Shift was going to be this shifty!



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Pendulum Heroes Free Weekend is Here!

You know, I was envisioning a pretty amped up post on this day, but now that it’s here I don’t have much to say beyond what’s already in the title.  I gotta say something right?  Ok, here goes… extra exclamation caps mode activate!


Seriously though, you all enjoy your Memorial Day Weekend. If you’d like to support this vet here, it’d mean the world to me if you gave my fun fantasy adventure a try.  Here’s the link to get it for FREE.

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New Year Contributions to Gaming Fiction

My first post of 2019 is one of triumphant fashion.  For those of you who still haven’t succumbed to your that growing, gnawing, ghastly curiosity and gotten yourselves a copy of my novel Pendulum Heroes, featuring gamers stuck in their avatars, it’s now available on NetGalley.  Some of you may remember my last post where I mentioned the extreme expense of NetGalley… fortunately my active membership in SFWA not only proves I can write stories that are entertaining to someone other than me, but also affords me the opportunity to feature my novel on their NetGalley page for a fraction of the cost.  I think this is one of the best perks available for indie novelists like me.

And for those of you who want a teaser, a small taste of my brand of gamer fic, my flash fiction story The Familiar Monsters recently dropped over at Daily Science Fiction.  This makes my eighth time appearing over at DSF and it’s always  a pleasure to see my story debut over there.  They make little fanfare about it, so I kinda know as it hits my inbox or people come from all over the webz to tell me they dug it.  This one’s my first gamer fic to appear on the site and you can see that, just like in the vein of Stephen King when he says it’s never about the monster,  with me it’s never about the game.

So if you’re new to this sub-subgenre, try it out on me.  But hurry on the NetGalley thing… it’s only on there for a limited time.  Sometime next month it’ll go away, I dunno when exactly and February’s a short month, so act now or act now-ish, just as long as you don’t act crazy in the DMV… don’t be that person.

And of course, you can always just drop over to your favorite distributor and buy a fun new novel.

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