Pendulum Shift is Live(ish)!

Mixed news, gang!  The digital copy of Pendulum Shift is now live!  Absolutely zero problem if you’re a tablet enthusiast with a penchant for fantasy adventure.  Just click here to go to the online bookstore of your choice.

But, uh, for those of you who enjoy the feel of paper pages turning in your hands, there’s gonna be a slight delay for the print edition. Amazon flagged it for slight format errors, small things I won’t bother you with here, but which once again made me pine for the yesteryear of CreateSpace.   Those errors are fixed but resubmitting for publication takes me back to the bottom of the queue.

Rest assured, sometime this weekend the print edition will LIVE! And as an added bonus for those who are willing to endure the wait, I’ve set up a Matchbook price to where if you get the print edition you can download the Kindle edition for free.

Back cover of the print edition. Not showing the words for those who want a completely spoiler free read of Pendulum Heroes.

Meanwhile, those of you who signed up for the newsletter know I was running a contest to give away an ARC paperback of Pendulum Shift.  The winner is a Goodreads user named Phil.  I was supposed to announce this yesterday but I was dealing with Amazon and waiting for him to get back to me.  Everything in its own time I guess.  Or is it can’t rush the slow taste?  Either way, things are happening as we speak.  Sorry for the delay… I didn’t realize Pendulum Shift was going to be this shifty!



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4 responses to “Pendulum Shift is Live(ish)!

  1. B. Seay

    I just bought both versions of the new book. I’m hoping to get my physical copies (#1&#2) signed by one of my favorite authors. No pressure Mr. Beamon!

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