No Police = Know Future Virtual Launch Party!

No Police = Know Future: Stories of Alternative Futures of Alternative Justice is a truly special volume, both a visualization of the recent call to defund the police and a roadmap to navigate towards a true system of justice.  We over here at Amazing Stories want to celebrate its launch with the world.  We’re having a Book Release Virtual Launch Party and you’re invited.  The Editor-in-Chief James Beamon (yep, that’s me) will be there, chatting with several contributing authors which include:

PT Mackim

Bronte Christopher Wieland

Stewart C Baker

Holly Schofield

Jared Oliver Adams

Ira Nayman

Lettie Prell

Anatoly Belilovsky

Ryan Priest

The virtual launch party is scheduled for Sunday, December 27 at 4:00 PM EST (1:00 PM Pacific).  Join us via Zoom by clicking here. That’s tomorrow as of the time of this post… no it’s not short notice, like you really would’ve remembered if I said this before Christmas!

If you’re already read No Police = Know Future, come on by and talk about your favorite stories with the authors who thought them up.  Or maybe you’re curious about how a future without police might look, the processes of SF thought experiments or just want to spend some time with SF authors, editors and fans. The room is limited to 100 participants, so be sure to come early. 

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No Police SF Anthology Open to Submissions

News everyone,

I’m working with Amazing Stories to bring to the world an anthology that realizes a future world without police.


After the brutal murder of George Floyd by the police, the world responded in righteous protest, with cries of “Black Lives Matter.” The police responded to these calls in large part with even more brutality, with video after video emerging that showed an assault on the public. And more cries came forth, with calls to defund the police.

But what’s that mean?

Science Fiction writers, this is your call to arms. Give us your potential (and hopefully positive) futures that involve alternatives to modern day policing. We want stories that replace the police entirely, dramatically reform them, or create parallel systems to refocus policing. We’re also seeking alternate concepts of rehabilitation and punishment as well, more emphasis on the carrot. In a world where police are perpetually brandishing their batons, I think we’ve all seen enough sticks.

I’ll be Amazing’s Editor-in-Chief for this submissions call.  Now, I know it may be difficult to think of a world without the police. They’ve been there all of our lives, in meticulous uniform, reinforced by countless movies. I recommend this article and this infographic for inspiration.  Search around, you’ll see the conversation is already happening and who better to join the discussion than the creative minds already thinking of how the future unfolds?

Story length is up to approximately 4,000 words for original fiction. We’re not going to reject something that stretches this limit out of hand, but know that the longer it gets, the harder a sell it becomes. Reprints can be up to 6,000 words. Most veins of SF welcome, with the exception of steampunk, dieselpunk or other SF that nestles us comfortably in a previous era. We are here now, in tumultuous times, and cannot go back. Let’s face a possible, achievable future bravely.

Payment: USD $0.08 per word for original fiction. USD $100 per story for reprint fiction. We are a SFWA qualifying market for original fiction.

Submit your stories using the Amazing Stories online submission system.  Make sure you check the “No Police = Know Future” box when you submit.  Submission window closes Sunday August 16, 2020.

Are you ready to give a beleaguered public your vision of a better tomorrow? We stand ready to listen.


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Help SAVE Humor This Year!

It’s been so long since I’ve blogged I’m sure some of you thought I died.  No, I’m around, safe, healthy and I actually do have stuff to blog about but in a strange space where I find myself short on time to actually do it.  I’ll try to do better, but no promises!

Look folks, UFO 8 is dropping, at least it’s trying to drop.  As of this blog post, there’s 6 days left to go on the Kickstarter and it hasn’t met its goal.  UFO is the best of the best, the premiere place to catch humorous science fiction and fantasy.  So far 2020 has been pretty damned dire and if we could ever use a laugh, now is the time.  COMEDY LOVERS:  head over to the UFO 8 Kickstarter and preorder a copy.  Help save humor!


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The Monday That Got it All Right But Got it All Wrong

You know me, I love a good story and this one involves a business that just wanted to biz and put their best foot forward in that endeavor, so they dressed that foot in designer shoes and socks and still wound up tripping somehow.

Say hello to

They’re in the project management software business, specifically software that helps teams organize, manage, track etc.  They wanna sell this software tool to other businesses so they can theoretically be savvier businesses… nothing wrong with that.  Now here’s where I show the commercial, the one that cut through a totally unrelated video on YouTube (otherwise I wouldn’t have known they even existed). It’s less than a minute, so I encourage you to check it out.

Hold on to what you noticed most about the video.  Allow me to tell you that if you’re like most of the commenters on the youtube page where this video lives, it wasn’t what the software actually does.  Some of the commenters wanted to know who the attractive spokesgirl was, some dug the sofa or the building architecture, but the overwhelming majority wanted to know where they could get that insanely awesome, crazy infectious earworm beat.  And since it’s an ad that cuts through other YouTube videos which are probably extremely unrelated to office/team management to sell people who may not have offices or teams or spokesgirls or jobs this designer software, it had a share of complaints and jokes.  This has led to a comment section which I haven’t had so much fun browsing since Amazon’s Three Wolf Moon shirt.  Here are a few choice ones:

The BG Music brought me here.. and ONLY that.

So you won’t tell us what the title of the song is? Even if we ask on a Monday????

Yeah, but i hate mondays

I LOVe the music! What’s the name of the music? :O

Its like MS Project but for millennials.

Whats the name of the music used in this ad? PLEEEAASSSEEEEEEE!!!
Anyone know the girls name or IG name at least?
I suggested monday dot com to my employer, and they fire me instantly. True story!
Stop encouraging women to be managers; they’re terrible at it
I’ve only included a smattering of the comments that asked about the beat, just so you guys could get a sense of how often it was happening.  Internet investigators starting digging into it and sharing what were the closest similar beats or getting in touch with to directly inquire and one person reproduced the beat and hosted it on their own YouTube channel.  This investigation and collaboration was all going down in’s comment section.  The requests for the song just wouldn’t stop coming in.
Finally, a month ago pinned a response at the top of the comment section.
For everyone asking for the music, here is a link to the song 🙂
Now,  I was one of those beat seekers, which is why I started pursuing the ad in the first place and found myself surrounded by this story.  Which means I’ve clicked the link (so you don’t have to) so this will hopefully spare you from getting rickrolled like I did.  Yes,in a classic bit of trolling themselves, rickrolled everyone.
Some of the commenters got offended, started calling themselves “potential customers” and talking about how they’re going to take their business elsewhere.  Stop it.  To riff off Rick Astley, you were never gonna give, never gonna give, never gonna give a dollar to their software.  And if you actually are an executive or manager who procures software for their office and actually need team-building organizational management tools, if something as simple as a redirect to some classic 80’s music is enough to put you off from investing in better business management then your company’s likely doomed to failure with that shitty attitude.  They’re not Shazam, fool.
The ad’s currently sitting at 32 million views on YouTube.  That’s a killer ton of views. Out of almost 170 comments, do you know the number of comments that actually testify that this is winning software?  2.  Yep, two. is the best tool and platform in the business. Just perfect!!
To which other commenters called this person a sock-puppet with 2 subscribers and no content.  The other was a backhanded compliment.
You have a great product. But please stop throwing that annoying commercial at me every time I watch something on Youtube.
This is a fun story to me because you’ve got a company that just wanted to get word out of its product and did the absolute best they could to dress their product up for a spring social.  But they ironically dressed it up so well that that no one cared about what they had dressed because everyone was too busy wondering where those fancy threads came from.  It’s like the equal opposite of the movie The Producers, where a couple of theater play producers with the intention to fail combine a bunch of bad factors together and somehow succeed… only here a company with the intention to succeed combine a bunch of great things together and somehow fail.
Please allow me a bit of poetic license with the language with that last part.  I don’t know per se if they’ve failed… if there’s no such thing as bad advertising, at 32M views then it was a successful ad campaign.  It’s just the comment section is its own sort of mini-drama, one I fervently wanted to share with you all.  And that beat, tho. The moral of the story: advertise to the right audience.  Speaking of, buy my book.

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