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Pendulum Shift is Live(ish)!

Mixed news, gang!  The digital copy of Pendulum Shift is now live!  Absolutely zero problem if you’re a tablet enthusiast with a penchant for fantasy adventure.  Just click here to go to the online bookstore of your choice.

But, uh, for those of you who enjoy the feel of paper pages turning in your hands, there’s gonna be a slight delay for the print edition. Amazon flagged it for slight format errors, small things I won’t bother you with here, but which once again made me pine for the yesteryear of CreateSpace.   Those errors are fixed but resubmitting for publication takes me back to the bottom of the queue.

Rest assured, sometime this weekend the print edition will LIVE! And as an added bonus for those who are willing to endure the wait, I’ve set up a Matchbook price to where if you get the print edition you can download the Kindle edition for free.

Back cover of the print edition. Not showing the words for those who want a completely spoiler free read of Pendulum Heroes.

Meanwhile, those of you who signed up for the newsletter know I was running a contest to give away an ARC paperback of Pendulum Shift.  The winner is a Goodreads user named Phil.  I was supposed to announce this yesterday but I was dealing with Amazon and waiting for him to get back to me.  Everything in its own time I guess.  Or is it can’t rush the slow taste?  Either way, things are happening as we speak.  Sorry for the delay… I didn’t realize Pendulum Shift was going to be this shifty!



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Reminder: Chosen One Contest still open til Thursday

Win this thing!

For those of you who want to win a physical Advanced Reader Copy of Pendulum Shift, the Chosen One Contest is still open until Thursday morning, 7 A.M. Eastern.   Just sign up for my mailing list to be entered.

You know exactly why I named it the Chosen One Contest if you’ve read the first book.  If you haven’t, you can still enter the contest to win book two without fear of missing all the action, adventure and magic of book one. No one wants to start someone on Star Wars with Empire, right?  Worry not, because the day after the contest I’m giving the first book away on Amazon all weekend!

Free download this thing!

So you can potentially get two free books before this week’s over.  But only if you’re the Chosen One.

And for those of you who prefer ebooks and rather not ruin your minimalist aesthetic by introducing paper into your environment, preorders for the Pendulum Shift e-book are live right now!  I’m the last guy who’d get mad at you going green with your fiction.

Stay tuned for updates!

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Pendulum Shift drops May 31! Bringing Contests and Giveaways with It!!

The next installment of the Pendulum Heroes series is around the corner. It feels like a long time coming, and I’ve had several readers pinging me to see what happens next, mostly in the form of “What about Rich?”  I’m not going to spoil anything here, but I will tell you the answer involves witches, vamp-beasts and cutthroat discounts for marble art.  No spoilers because the wait is *almost* over.  Pendulum Shift arrives May 31.

Some of you may have missed the start of it all, my debut novel Pendulum Heroes.  Well, to celebrate the arrival of book 2 and get you up to speed, I’m hosting a free giveaway weekend on Amazon.  If you’re signed up for Kindle Unlimited it’s already free, but for those of us who spent our KU membership money seeing Avengers Endgame (guilty!) you can still get it free from May 24 thru May 27.

And the book 2 celebration doesn’t stop there! Already read the highly rated (4.7 stars on Amazon!) Pendulum Heroes? Can’t wait for the second book? I got you too! You can win a free Advanced Reader Copy of Pendulum Shift before it’s publication date.  Just sign up for my newsletter and you’ll automatically be entered into my Chosen One Contest, where Destiny (i.e. a random number generator) will choose the lucky subscriber on May 23.  The ARC has a back and spine, which means more custom artwork featuring this handsome reject:


Sign up form for the newsletter is either at the top of the page or you can just click here. I’ll drop more updates as the contest and free weekend approaches as well a link to preorder the e-book (apparently Amazon isn’t keen on setting up preorders for paperbacks).

See you all in the trenches and on the other side of the portal.


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Get the novel for FREE!

Hey, you guys know my novel?  The one that looks like this:

I’m hosting a giveaway on Goodreads, so enter for a chance to win yourself a free copy.  It’s also free to enter the giveaway so EVERYTHING is priced at our favorite four letter word.

Um… that’s about it.  Giveaways don’t last forever, so go now before you forget and then you’re all mad with yourself and who knows?  You may be a rather unforgiving person and you might stay mad at yourself for awhile because you know in your heart of hearts it doesn’t ever get freer than free.  You don’t want that, I don’t want that, mad people leave bad reviews.  So enter the Pendulum Heroes Goodreads Giveaway and get yourself a copy!


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