I’m starting to make noise out there in the bit abyss, and in the rare event that you dig something I wrote, you shouldn’t have to treat getting more of my stories like an Easter egg hunt.  I’m making it easy by posting everything I fess up to writing in one spot.


Pendulum Heroes, print and kindle editions at Amazon (June 2018)

Pendulum Shift (Pendulum Heroes Book 2), available in print and digital (May 2019)


Dialogues with Talking Heads, available on Amazon  (March 2013)

Short Stories:

A Song of Home, the Organ Grinds, published in Lightspeed (July 2018) (also available in audio)

Three Meetings of the Pregnant Man Support Group, published in Apex Magazine (June 2018)

The Wind You Touch When You Run published in Escape Pod (October 2017)

Command Decision published in Cat’s Breakfast: Kurt Vonnegut Tribute ( June 2017)

Pitching Shemp published in Transitions and Awakenings (May 2017)

Episodes from the Abner-Mortimer Karmic War published in No Sh!t, There I Was (February 2017)

Yours in Heaven published in Sci Phi Journal (January 2017)

Soliloquy in a Cheap Diner off  Route 66 published in Apex Magazine (January 2017)

The Rhythm Man published in Fantasy & Science Fiction (Nov/Dec 2016)

Whole Lives in Hammered Fragments published in Futuristica: Volume 1 (June 2016)

Opportunities for Lost Children published in Compelling Science Fiction (April 2016)

King of the Shell Game published by Ares Magazine (Spring 2016)

The Two Kingdoms Woman published in Intergalactic Medicine Show (October 2014)

The Discounted Seniors published in Unidentified Funny Objects 3 (October 2014)

The Civet Whisperer published in Coffee: 14 Caffeinated Tales of the Fantastic (December 2013)

The Light Crusader’s Dark Dessert, published in Intergalactic Medicine Show (November 2013)

Class Action Orc, published in Unidentifed Funny Objects 2 (October 2013)

Nothing, Ventured, published in AE the Canadian Science Fiction Review (October 2013)

The Lovers Quarrel published in Artifacts and Relics: Extreme Sorcery (September 2013)

Fight Finale From the Near Future!, published in Unidentified Funny Objects (December 2012)

Hollow Man Dances, published in Origins: Colliding Causalities (November 2012)

The Sunmistress’ Mending, published in Loco-Thology: Tales of Fantasy and Science Fiction (September 2012)

The Death of the World’s Greatest Detective, published in Specutopia (Inaugural Issue, July 2012, now defunct)

Orc Legal, published in Nine: A Journal of Imaginative Fiction Issue #2 (June/July 2012) and reprinted in Fantasy Scroll Magazine (October 2014)

Song of Passing Grief, published in Penumbra eMag Vol 1 Issue 6 (March 2012, now defunct) reprinted (in audio!) by StarShipSofa (August 2019)

Saviors, published in Daily Science Fiction (January 5, 2012)

The Homeless Man of Greater Zimbabwe, published in The Colored Lens Issue #2(Winter 2012)

.vic of Smut 2.0, published in OG’s Speculative Fiction Issue #32 (September 2011)

A Lack of Charity, published in Triangulation: Last Contact (July 2011), republished in Mysterion: Rediscovering Mysteries of the Christian Faith (August 2016)

What Gets Your Goat, published in Sorcerous Signals (May 2010)

Flash Fiction:

A Villain Turns Mad in Daily Science Fiction (April 2018 and followup to A Villain Considers His Options)

A Villain Considers His Options in Daily Science Fiction (January 2018)

To Boldly Go published in Digital Science Fiction (February 2017)

17 Amazing Plot Elements… When You See #11, You’ll Be Astounded!  published in Daily Science Fiction (May 2016)

Settling Beef, published in Daily Science Fiction(February 2016)

Real Things We Learned as a Fake Band, published in Daily Science Fiction (November 2014)

Past Tense, published in Daily Science Fiction (April 2013)

A Witch to Live, published in Steamy Screams: Anthology of Erotic Horror (July 2011)

Examination of Internal Processing, published in Inhuman: Absolute Xpress Flash Fiction Challenge #4 (August 2010)

Slave Driver, published in Everyday Weirdness (May 2010, now defunct)

Love is Beautiful, Stealer of Hearts, published in Thieves and Scoundrels: Absolute Xpress FFC # 3 (March 2010)


Untitled short, published by Nanoism (August 2011)

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