I’m starting to make noise out there in the bit abyss, and in the rare event that you dig something I wrote, you shouldn’t have to treat getting more of my stories like an Easter egg hunt.  I’m making it easy by posting everything I fess up to writing in one spot.


Dialogues with Talking Heads, available on Amazon and FREE for Prime Customers (March 2013)

Short Stories:

The Two Kingdoms Woman published in Intergalactic Medicine Show (October 2014)

The Civet Whisperer published in Coffee: 14 Caffeinated Tales of the Fantastic (December 2013)

The Light Crusader’s Dark Dessert, published in Intergalactic Medicine Show (November 2013)

Class Action Orc, published in Unidentifed Funny Objects 2 (October 2013)

Nothing, Ventured, published in AE the Canadian Science Fiction Review (October 2013)

The Lovers Quarrel published in Artifacts and Relics: Extreme Sorcery (September 2013)

Fight Finale From the Near Future!, published in Unidentified Funny Objects (December 2012)

Hollow Man Dances, published in Origins: Colliding Causalities (November 2012)

The Sunmistress’ Mending, published in Loco-Thology: Tales of Fantasy and Science Fiction (September 2012)

The Death of the World’s Greatest Detective, published in Specutopia (Inaugural Issue, July 2012)

Orc Legal, published in Nine: A Journal of Imaginative Fiction Issue #2 (June/July 2012) and reprinted in Fantasy Scroll Magazine (October 2014)

Song of Passing Grief, published in Penumbra eMag Vol 1 Issue 6 (March 2012)

Saviors, published in Daily Science Fiction (January 5, 2012)

The Homeless Man of Greater Zimbabwe, published in The Colored Lens Issue #2(Winter 2012)

.vic of Smut 2.0, published in OG’s Speculative Fiction Issue #32 (September 2011)

A Lack of Charity, published in Triangulation: Last Contact (July 2011)

What Gets Your Goat, published in Sorcerous Signals (May 2010)

Flash Fiction:

Settling Beef, published in Inspired by Codex and somewhat true(February 2016)

Real Things We Learned as a Fake Band, published in Daily Science Fiction (November 2014)

Past Tense, published in Daily Science Fiction (April 2013)

A Witch to Live, published in Steamy Screams: Anthology of Erotic Horror (July 2011)

Examination of Internal Processing, published in Inhuman: Absolute Xpress Flash Fiction Challenge #4 (August 2010)

Slave Driver, published in Everyday Weirdness (May 2010, now defunct)

Love is Beautiful, Stealer of Hearts, published in Thieves and Scoundrels: Absolute Xpress FFC # 3 (March 2010)


Untitled short, published by Nanoism (August 2011)

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