No Police SF Anthology Open to Submissions

News everyone,

I’m working with Amazing Stories to bring to the world an anthology that realizes a future world without police.


After the brutal murder of George Floyd by the police, the world responded in righteous protest, with cries of “Black Lives Matter.” The police responded to these calls in large part with even more brutality, with video after video emerging that showed an assault on the public. And more cries came forth, with calls to defund the police.

But what’s that mean?

Science Fiction writers, this is your call to arms. Give us your potential (and hopefully positive) futures that involve alternatives to modern day policing. We want stories that replace the police entirely, dramatically reform them, or create parallel systems to refocus policing. We’re also seeking alternate concepts of rehabilitation and punishment as well, more emphasis on the carrot. In a world where police are perpetually brandishing their batons, I think we’ve all seen enough sticks.

I’ll be Amazing’s Editor-in-Chief for this submissions call.  Now, I know it may be difficult to think of a world without the police. They’ve been there all of our lives, in meticulous uniform, reinforced by countless movies. I recommend this article and this infographic for inspiration.  Search around, you’ll see the conversation is already happening and who better to join the discussion than the creative minds already thinking of how the future unfolds?

Story length is up to approximately 4,000 words for original fiction. We’re not going to reject something that stretches this limit out of hand, but know that the longer it gets, the harder a sell it becomes. Reprints can be up to 6,000 words. Most veins of SF welcome, with the exception of steampunk, dieselpunk or other SF that nestles us comfortably in a previous era. We are here now, in tumultuous times, and cannot go back. Let’s face a possible, achievable future bravely.

Payment: USD $0.08 per word for original fiction. USD $100 per story for reprint fiction. We are a SFWA qualifying market for original fiction.

Submit your stories using the Amazing Stories online submission system.  Make sure you check the “No Police = Know Future” box when you submit.  Submission window closes Sunday August 16, 2020.

Are you ready to give a beleaguered public your vision of a better tomorrow? We stand ready to listen.


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6 responses to “No Police SF Anthology Open to Submissions

  1. PT MacKim

    Hard to imagine anything better than NK Jemisin’s “The Ones Who Stay and Fight” but what the hell, let’s try anyway!

  2. That’s fantastic! Or should I say Amazing? I’ll try to come up with something if inspiration strikes. Either eay, keep up the good work!

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