Reminder: Chosen One Contest still open til Thursday

Win this thing!

For those of you who want to win a physical Advanced Reader Copy of Pendulum Shift, the Chosen One Contest is still open until Thursday morning, 7 A.M. Eastern.   Just sign up for my mailing list to be entered.

You know exactly why I named it the Chosen One Contest if you’ve read the first book.  If you haven’t, you can still enter the contest to win book two without fear of missing all the action, adventure and magic of book one. No one wants to start someone on Star Wars with Empire, right?  Worry not, because the day after the contest I’m giving the first book away on Amazon all weekend!

Free download this thing!

So you can potentially get two free books before this week’s over.  But only if you’re the Chosen One.

And for those of you who prefer ebooks and rather not ruin your minimalist aesthetic by introducing paper into your environment, preorders for the Pendulum Shift e-book are live right now!  I’m the last guy who’d get mad at you going green with your fiction.

Stay tuned for updates!

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