Intelligence Report: Eyes on Walls

I hope you guys didn’t think I was going to talk about another writing website.  You should know I’m too clever for that… well, maybe not clever, but definitely sporadic.  I gotta change it up a bit.  The broad basis of the Intelligence Report is to show you guys helpful corners of the web’s world wide.  And sometimes, all you may need is a little bit of inspiration.  Welcome to Eyes on Walls.

This site’s primary goal is to sell you art for your living space.  My primary goal is to direct you to images that stir your soul, speak to your creativity.  You writers out there, sometimes part of the problem is that you’re too busy looking at words until you drown in them.  Every now and again, your eyes and mind need a break from just text.  Art is like stepping outside and getting that breath of fresh air.

Genre writers!  You can stir your soul with a number of different pictures. 

Dystopian near-future:

Japanese Rain by Stephanie Belin

 Epic Fantasy:

Indian Girl by Stephanie Belin

King Deluxe by HR-FM


 Or just out there:

We Live No More by Alex Cherry


Pictures being worth a thousand words and all, check them out and get inspired… maybe you’ll see something that prompts you to write 1k and then some.

Hugs by Lora Zombie

Let it Go by Martin Bland


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