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War Journal 69: The One That Is, The One That Will Be, and The One Remembered

Some troops deploy stronger than others...

Some troops deploy stronger than others…

So it’s been a busy month, not the least because I’m waist deep in slush for Unidentified Funny Objects 5 [SIDENOTE: Writers! Send us your funny!!].  Anyway, in the space of like a weekend I’ve got news of new stories.  It’s a trifecta folks, which is strange considering how we got here.

First, the one that is.  Freshly printed in the inaugural issue of the new prozine Compelling Science Fiction, check out my hard SF story “Opportunities for Lost Children.”  This one was one of my wife’s favorite pieces, full of old money, augmented reality, luchadors and a dude named Joke Roosevelt.

Secondly, the one that will be.  Specifically, my latest story “Episodes from the Abner-Mortimer Karmic War” sold to the folks over at the No Sh!t, There I Was anthology.  Conceived by Steven Saus and edited by the illustrious Rachel Acks, these stories promise to be the most awesome over the top tales you’ll find anywhere.  Currently the Kickstarter to support the project is live.  I hope you check it out.  Preorder!  Your money raises my pay rate… papa needs a PlayStation VR headset, which is likely the closest I’ll come to a holodeck in my lifetime.

Finally, we have the one remembered.  Ares Magazine bought my story “King of the Shell Game” like forever ago.  I’m talking like March of 2014.  They said they wanted it, would pay on publication and… went quiet.  It was that deathly stillness horror in the fog kinda quiet.  That process let me know authors age in dog years when they’re waiting to see their stuff hit print.  A year later, March 2015, the folks over at Ares hit me and said my story would appear sometime within the next three issues.  Cool.  Months went by.  And I just plain stopped checking.  I finally got an impulse to look into it and there it was… no announcement about it or nothing.  It’s just hanging out there, quietly being a story I really enjoyed writing, this cool concept of energy beings wearing other sentient races as shells and absorbing the host’s attributes for a short while.  I urge you all to check it out.





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UFO 4 Needs You!


Hey gang,

Been a minute since our last one-sided conversation in cyberspace, right?  Soon I’ll update you with news on what I’ve been up to, but in the meanwhile UFO 4 is dropping!  Once again I’m on board as an associate editor, reading anonymous stories in the slush.  That’s going down in April, but right now the Kickstarter’s active, it’s coming down to the last ten days and we need your support.

You guys aren’t new to this if you’ve seen me work.  And there’s a lot to love about the 4th installment.  Stories by Neil Gaiman and G.R.R. Martin top the list of headliners, specializing in dark humor.  That’s right folks, UFO 4 is all dark humor this time and around.  This kind of stuff has always been a favorite of mine because of the wicked fun of it all.  Who doesn’t wanna laugh at something we should probably not be laughing about?

If I can get it into my mind to do something appropriately dark and funny I may have a story in it as well… we’ll see.  In the meanwhile, head on over to the site, check it out and preorder/support the cause!


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Help UFO2!

UFO2The Unidentified Funny Objects Kickstarter is in its last 40 hours and it needs your help to get that last little push it needs. There’s literally nothing else out there dedicated to publishing funny, absurd, satirical and otherwise humorous speculative fiction. It’s a unicorn, people… and how can we not feed a unicorn?

You writers out there: the money goes to buy more stories, possibly your story! Readers out there: the money provides for book design, cover art and extra content. Check out the web stories from the UFO 1 anthology, available to view for free because of last year’s generous donations.

When you consider how a 15 dollar donation will net you both the UFO1 and upcoming UFO2 e-books or a 20 dollar donation will land you the UFO2 ebook and trade paperbook, most of the pledge levels give back something worthwhile. If you haven’t given anything yet, please consider it.

Come here to donate to a fun cause!

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Intelligence Report: UFO 2

UFO2You folks following me for awhile know I’m all about some laughs.  Last year, I worked closely with Alex Shvartsman as an associate editor on the first anthology of speculative fiction humor that I’d ever seen.  My bookshelf isn’t exactly spilling over unto the carpet, but I’m pretty sure these things don’t happen that often.  Since humor doesn’t get much play, and since everyone needs a good laugh, the other editors and I worked hard on Unidentified Funny Objects, being about as serious with the funny as you could get, and we came out with a product that readers raved about.

Now we’re doing it again.  At least we’re trying to.  In order to make this thing as successful as the last, we’re going to need your help.  A Kickstarter campaign’s in progress to raise funds to ensure UFO 2 is just as awesome as the first one, if not more so.  Check it out, and you’ll see some pretty sweet rewards for donating.  A 6 dollar donation will get you the first UFO anthology, so you can see for yourself how awesome it is (for those writers out there, it’ll also give you the perfect idea of what we’re looking for in case you wish to submit).    There are bundle packs to get the first UFO and the second in trade paperback and e-book.  These books may be the only currency in a near-future, humorless dystopia… that’s why they’re called trade paperbacks.  No matter what you donate, you’ll be actively contributing to keeping humor alive in genres that are way too stuffy about their Uranus probes and chainmail bikinis.

TL;DR version:  Give us your dough.  Before you say no, think of the Lunchmeat Zombie Ghouls.

Go to the Kickstarter and kickstart us!


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