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New Year Contributions to Gaming Fiction

My first post of 2019 is one of triumphant fashion.  For those of you who still haven’t succumbed to your that growing, gnawing, ghastly curiosity and gotten yourselves a copy of my novel Pendulum Heroes, featuring gamers stuck in their avatars, it’s now available on NetGalley.  Some of you may remember my last post where I mentioned the extreme expense of NetGalley… fortunately my active membership in SFWA not only proves I can write stories that are entertaining to someone other than me, but also affords me the opportunity to feature my novel on their NetGalley page for a fraction of the cost.  I think this is one of the best perks available for indie novelists like me.

And for those of you who want a teaser, a small taste of my brand of gamer fic, my flash fiction story The Familiar Monsters recently dropped over at Daily Science Fiction.  This makes my eighth time appearing over at DSF and it’s always  a pleasure to see my story debut over there.  They make little fanfare about it, so I kinda know as it hits my inbox or people come from all over the webz to tell me they dug it.  This one’s my first gamer fic to appear on the site and you can see that, just like in the vein of Stephen King when he says it’s never about the monster,  with me it’s never about the game.

So if you’re new to this sub-subgenre, try it out on me.  But hurry on the NetGalley thing… it’s only on there for a limited time.  Sometime next month it’ll go away, I dunno when exactly and February’s a short month, so act now or act now-ish, just as long as you don’t act crazy in the DMV… don’t be that person.

And of course, you can always just drop over to your favorite distributor and buy a fun new novel.

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A Villain and His Options

Sometimes a baddie gotta mull shit over…

In my tradition of not making New Year’s resolutions, I’ve decided to be as I ever was and not blog in a very timely fashion.  In the latest installment of “Where’s Beamon?” I was nearing the end of book 3, which of course ran into my real world needs of trying to prepare for a VMware exam.  And while both of those things were and are happening, a villain dropped.

I’m speaking of “A Villain Considers His Options,” which subscribers to Daily Science Fiction should have already seen in their inboxes a couple weeks ago.  This is the start of a series featuring the villain I call Dastard Fantastic.  The second one “A Villain Turns Mad” will also appear at DSF sometime in the near future.  And for those who have subscribed to my newsletter, you folks will be the only ones who get the third and (currently) final installment of the series, “A Villain’s Patented Approach.”

That’s how a villain would do it, by holding this delicious carrot over the heads of you folks who’ve yet to sign up.  It’s not too late, just sayin…

Of course, that’s sometime in the nearish future.  Meanwhile, you folks can enjoy “A Villain Considers His Options” today.  Of funny note with this story is the bio.  DSF used to ask me for a bio but this time they didn’t.  I figured they were just gonna use my last one until I saw it and they were pretty much like “this is his 5th time, y’all already know who this dude is.”  Apparently, I’ve hit vet status with DSF!  What’s funnier is that this was actually my 6th time at DSF, which is apparently only something I’m keeping track of.  Well, me and DSF’s own search database when you type in Beamon, but, you know, it’s a new year.

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War Journal 70: 17 Amazing Plot Elements…

My people!  I’m back after a month of slushing through a heap of really funny stuff for the upcoming UFO anthology.  I don’t blog enough… I think I may be

a) too busy

b) too lazy

c) too newsless

I don’t mind being b) even if I wanna believe it’s a) in my own mind… but I’m starting to think it’s definitely not c).  My news seems to be growing more and more in 2016 and here’s another example of that.  My newest story is out at Daily Science Fiction!  It’s called “17 Amazing Plot Elements… When You See #11, You’ll Be Astounded!”.  It absolutely holds the title of my longest title ever, a distinction I owe to fellow writer Karlo Yeager Rodriguez.    I’m just glad he said 17 and not 31 like it was Baskin Robbins!

I’ve gotten some great feedback on the story, so please, check it out here.  Let me know what you think.  And as I continue to stay less and less newsless, I’ll definitely make sure I’m not too busy to let you know where to find me.

hanged man

My attempt to tease you to check out my story!






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Dialogues for My Readers

I have a couple hot releases coming down the pipe.  For email subscribers to Daily Science Fiction, expect my latest story, Past Tense, to hit your inboxes on April 1st.  Non-subscribers will have to wait a week, so if you haven’t gotten on the mailing list, now may be the time.  It’s free and the stories they send provide a pretty welcome departure from your daily grind.

My other news is pretty big.  Novelettes have a hard time finding good markets, so I decided to take my novelette and sell it myself.  Thanks in large parts to the beautiful e-book cover and interior design provided by Karina Steffens over at Neo-archaic Web Design Services, my near-future science fiction story Dialogues with Talking Heads is now available on Amazon.  Here’s a teaser:

They say the only sure things are death and taxes. But death doesn’t have to be a certainty with the right technology. Especially if there are people itching to ask the dearly departed questions about their taxes.

Dr. Hugh Torquato’s business is post-mortem communications, and business is booming. Sometimes the dead are the only ones with the answers, and the trick of getting them to speak is a closely guarded trade secret.

But the revolutionary technology Hugh uses on the job may not be the only one out there with a wicked cutting edge. When a VIP dies in a manner both unnatural and inexplicable, Hugh finds his hands full trying to unravel a locked-room mystery that even the dead can’t figure out.


I’m extremely excited about this story’s debut, and not just because it marks my first venture into the world of author-driven e-publishing.  Of all the stories I’ve ever written, Dialogues is the all time favorite of my number one fan and supporter, my wife.  She’s been dying to see this in print for some time, so giving it the glossy treatment it deserves and putting it out for the world to read is more a present for her than anything else.

I know this gift is a little premature, but I doubt I’ll be able to top it way out here in Afghanistan.  Happy birthday, Kitty.

Check out Dialogues with Talking Heads at Amazon for $2.99 or FREE if you’re an Amazon Prime Customer.


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