War Journal 67: Settling Beef

Hello small yet growing fan base and the random theoretical folks that somehow wondered onto my site!  Those of you who belong to the latter group may not know, my latest flash story Settling Beef debuted today over at Daily Science Fiction.  This marks my first new story published this year, with a bunch more coming (I actually guarantee this)!

The fallow year is over folks.  In 2016 I’ve settled that beef!  To those who are fresh and new to the site, welcome.  That welcome comes with a smile that you can’t really see on your end of the Internet.  It also comes with a recommendation that if you liked Settling Beef then you should definitely check out Saviors, also at DSF.

In much related news, my friend, peer, and overall stand up guy Anatoly Belilovsky (seriously check out his Kulturkampf, text or audio!) sent me a video to commemorate this latest story.  It was too awesome not to share with you all!



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5 responses to “War Journal 67: Settling Beef

  1. “When the cows started wearing toupees,” is the most brilliant beginning I’ve read in a long time. It was the second thing that put a smile on my face. The first was seeing your name at the top of that email – I knew I was in for a treat!

    And trust Anatoly to whip up an appropriately funny video for every occasion 😉

    • Karina! Thanks for dropping by! This one was definitely fun to write. And you know I absolutely had to spread the joy that was Toly’s video. How fitting was that?!

      • It was fun to read, too! (That’s probably the winning formula: fun to wrote == fun to read)
        And veeery interesting to hear that it’s the first of many coming up… *rubbing hands in anticipation*

  2. Bounced over here after reading “Settling Beef.” It’s not every day I get to read a story that features a “true story” anecdote from my hometown _and_ anthropomorphic alien livestock.

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