Free Novelette for Christmas!

Hey gang,

As a way of thanking you all for subscribing and hanging out with me, I’m giving away my novelette “Dialogues with Talking Heads” starting on Christmas until December 29th.  What that means is after the sheer unadulterated joy of tearing open packages from people you love and thanking them profusely for getting you exactly what you wanted, and the heady thrill of Christmas morning starts to wind down, go on out to Amazon and download “Dialogues” for free.


If you like it… tell me so!  Either here on my blog or on Amazon (where you can rate it too!).  In the meanwhile, I hope you guys are having a Merry Christmas, and if you don’t celebrate, I hope you have a day off or something going down tomorrow that brings some unexpected joy.  If nothing else, you’ve got 5 days to go get yourself a free e-novelette, starting tomorrow!


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One response to “Free Novelette for Christmas!

  1. Yey, Christmas pressie! Finally I can get an officially published version of this ebook 🙂
    Highly recommended, guys – it’s wickedly funny.

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