The Ornament

My Christmas tree went up around Thanksgiving.  I think it’s an awesome tree, very well decorated, which means I definitely didn’t do the decorating.  Who knows how that monster would’ve turned out!

Anyway, my wife’s looking at the tree and she’s like “something’s missing.”  Again, it looks awesome to me, but what do I know, she’s the decorator.   “What’s it missing?” I ask.

“Your personal ornament,” she answers.

My son Chance has a small star he made when he was a little kid that hangs on the tree.  My wife has a pair of ballerina shoes that she hangs in the tree.  All I’ve been hanging on the tree was my assumption that it needed nothing else.  That assumption was throwing the whole design off.

She wanted me to give her a special ornament.

I don’t know where they sell special ornaments.  There’s no section in any store I’ve been in yet.  What the hell do you hang in a tree that’s special to you?  How can I have so many damn questions about what to hang when I’m already looking at two examples?

“I’m trying.  I got nothing,” I tell her.

She thinks for a moment.  Then she goes to work.  This is what she shows me.

tales of beamoninside

In case you can’t read the cursive, it reads “The Tales of Beamon”.  Inside, each page has the name of one of my published short stories, and a few gems that never got “published” but are still her favorite reads.  See the steampunk inspired gears on the outside?  She made all this from like regular paper and sheer ingenuity!

Now, this is what I call a special ornament.  I should try to sell custom versions to other writers… it’s beyond anything I could’ve hoped for in terms of finding something that really speaks to me.  It hangs on this tree.

treetree closeup

I hope you folks are having a great lead into Christmas like I am.



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7 responses to “The Ornament

  1. Sounds awesome, James! And funnily, this post came into my mailbox just as I was about to write you an email. Have a very merry Christmas, and may The Tales of Beamon grow and flourish!

  2. That ornament is fantastic! I grew up with the tradition of getting a new special ornament each year, and I’ve continued that with my own kids. I usually try to find something while we’re on vacation, but failed to find anything this year, so I need to do some shopping today before I pick up my oldest from the airport. Merry Christmas!

  3. Ed Kratz

    Great ornament. Have a Merry Christmas ,

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