War Journal 63: Transition Story

I feel like an errant parent with this blog, where I keep promising myself I’ll give it some attention and then one thing comes up and another until you don’t wanna actually look at the date of your last post and when you do you grimace.  I figured any day wordpress was gonna show up at my door like social services and take their site back.

Glad they didn’t.  It feels good to be on the new post draft page again, a therapy of sorts.  Ok, so a bunch has happened since July 3 and February 25, the date of my last post.  Some of it big, some of it small, I’ll hip you to what I recall as the things that kept me from blogging.

1. Moved into a house.  While I was deployed my wife and son were living in an apartment, awaiting my return so we could buy a house.  We did a lot of looking and touring and deliberating and finally found a place we think is perfect for us

2. Novel.  Ok, so I finally finished my second novel.  In fact, most of my beta readers have already come back with largely positive feedback.  While I wait for my other readers responses, I’ve already started writing book three.

3. Skyrim.  Seriously.  I bought the legendary edition too.  I haven’t lost that much time to a video game since my old WoW days.

that fire on screen is all your writing time burning away.

that fire on screen is all your writing time burning away.

4. Writing short stories.  No, that was a joke.  I was playing Skyrim.  But I did manage to sell a couple.  A new story, The Discounted Seniors, is set to appear in Unidentified Funny Objects 3 and the other, a reprint of Orc Legal, is set to be published in Fantasy Scroll.  You guys know how I love UFO, and Fantasy Scroll is a relatively new venue that absolutely reeks of promise and substance.

So now that we’re all up to date, I’m pretty sure I’ll be more apt to update this blog, Skyrim or no… WAIT! Did I just get the ability to summon a skeleton ghost horse?!  WHAT?!

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