War Journal 61: Starting the New Year

I’ve been busy folks.  After settling into my new Stateside, non-deployable job, I got to writing.  And more writing.  I finally finished my second novel.  It’s currently out there, getting a stern look from my beta readers.  While they were busy reading and giving me their impressions on it, I got back into short stories and wrote one that I hope will be a sure sell.

Speaking of sure sells, I’ve also signed up to work on the upcoming Unidentified Funny Objects 3 anthology.  I don’t know if I’ll have a story for it, but I want to kinda fierce.  Check out the cover art, y’all:

image description

Just like the first two, this thing is going to be ridiculously awesome.  Go over to the Kickstarter and preorder… your funds help drive the production of the final product, meaning more stories, more gloss, more of what you humor lovers crave.

Finally, I’ve had a recent acceptance.  Ares Magazine has accepted my story “King of the Shell Game.”  It’s a new magazine offering not only fiction but a complete board game with every issue.  Check them out here.

Oh, not finally… I’m going to the Rocket Dragons Ignite book party in Baltimore this weekend!  I’ll be helping Daily Science Fiction launch the book by reading my story “Saviors”.  If you’re in the area, come hang out with a brother.  More info on the event here.

Damn, that wasn’t finally either!  Ok, I forgot to mention my story “Light Crusader’s Dark Dessert” made Tangent’s Recommended Reading List for 2013.  This is my first time making their list, so it’s a really kickass way to bring in the new year.

All right.  That’s the haps.  Honestly.  Oh wait!  No, I’m just playing this time.  That’s really it.


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