Intelligence Report: The Gilded Basilisk


Hey gang,

I’m almost in the swing of things Stateside, and I promise I’ll tell you all about my comings and goings and happenings in a short while.  In the meantime, while you’re waiting on new content from me, I wanted to direct your attention to a book I just finished.  I present to you The Gilded Basilisk by Chet Gottfried.

It only took me a couple days to devour this book.  A high fantasy story filled with intrigue and unpredictable magic, it tells the tale of Hugin, a scheming hustler and aspiring innkeeper and his best friend Gier, street brawler and all around man’s man, who find themselves thrust into the middle of a nobleman’s plot to not only seize the reign of their land, but the neighboring kingdom as well.  Which nobleman?  You’ll spend pages upon pages guessing!

Chet Gottfried has a real talent for edge of your seat twists and turns.  Not only do you not see the end coming, you’re taking wildly guesses at the middle and who you thought you knew has a totally different face when the chips start falling.  Having read a wealth of short stories and novels, I have to say that I was wholly unprepared for what felt an unrelenting assault on where I thought the story was going, with plenty of pleasant surprises along the way.  The author keeps the tone light and intersperses humor throughout, making a fully foreign world easy to approach and get completely immersed into.

I highly recommend this one.  Check out The Gilded Basilisk by Chet Gottfried on Amazon, where you can take a peek inside to see what I mean, or buy it in any format over at ReAnimus Press.


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  1. Ed Kratz

    Hey James,
    A recommendation like that from you is enough for me. Plus it’s available for the Kindle. So I just got it.


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