Fiction at Your Fingertips

Time to update the bibliography!

First up, my story Nothing, Ventured is out in the current issue of AE.  Check out the story that put me over the top for active SFWA membership… stay for one scientist’s ultimate pursuit of absolutely nothing!


Next, Unidentified Funny Objects 2 is dropping.  Those of you who kicked in for the kickstarter should already be looking at your e-books.  For those who were waiting to buy, maybe there was a little skepticism of its comic powers in your cynical, hard hearts, ask your friends.  They’re already enjoying it!  And you don’t wanna be the person at the party that doesn’t know the in-jokes while everyone else is talking about the book.  You can’t speak on Cleavon Daggarious Rumbleskins Jackson without it.

Speaking of parties, if you’re in the New York metropolitan area, there’s a launch party going down for UFO2 on Sunday at 6 P.M.  Right here:

Kings Games
1685 E 15 St
Brooklyn NY 11229

Come out and celebrate!


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6 responses to “Fiction at Your Fingertips

  1. Why does it sound like Key and Peele might have authored one of the stories?

  2. Congrats, James! I was on a road trip in Austria for two weeks, and missed your last post. Love the story, interesting choice of name for the character 😉

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