War Journal 58: Trench Supremacy



All my followers know what this site is about… the chronicles and misadventures of a writer on a mission.  Since you guys already know what I’ve been driving at, here’s something I want to show you.


This is a screenshot of the SFWA profile page, specifically MY BRAND NEW PROFILE!  I didn’t want to jinx it before I got membership, so I waited until it was official.  Last week, Friday the 13th specifically, AE magazine accepted my SF story called “Nothing, Ventured”.  It was the third SFWA pro-qualifying market I’ve sold to, and it was the one that made me eligible as an active member of SFWA.

After tours in two theaters of war, almost 60 war journals showing my ups and downs, and a slew of rants, tips and intel, here I am.  A certified SFWA pro.

Thank you guys, my followers.  I appreciate you folks sticking by and hanging out with me.  I claimed a big victory in the trenches today.  Time to celebrate… cue the music!


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9 responses to “War Journal 58: Trench Supremacy

  1. And you will always remember that it was a character named Anatoly who got you there.

  2. Philip MacKim

    Congrats, James — long overdue. Only surprised that novel of yours isn’t yet one of your qualifying sales!

  3. Congratulations, James!! That is wonderful news. I am so happy for you.

  4. Huge congrats, James. That is spectacular news! You are now the trailblazer for the rest of us wallowing in the trenches… 🙂

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