UFO 2 Looms!

The second Unidentified Funny Objects is getting closer and closer to its release date, a date I still don’t know for certain but it is definitely drawing nigh.  Of all the projects going on in fiction, this is the thing I get excited about.  You guys have seen me rant on the state of humorous SpecFic, and the first UFO exceeded expectations in its glorious task of bringing funny to the forefront.  I believe UFO 2 is the book that establishes humorous SpecFic as more than a passing fancy and will be the book that cements the UFO anthology series as the premiere place that leading humorists appear and/or debut.

But enough visionary talk!  Check out the cover art.


Awesome right?!  That’ll make you wanna get it even if I didn’t have a story inside.  Stay tuned, folks… I ‘ll let you know when it drops.


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