War Journal 57: The Final Stretch

When you're so close you can almost taste the Taco Bell.

When you’re so close you can almost taste the Taco Bell.

Admittedly, I’m sporadic with these updates.  Call it my nature or the nature of the war in the trenches.  Either way I sometimes go silent, not updating for no good reason.  Well, I haven’t updated in a while (again), but this time it’s for a good reason.

I thought I was stuck here in the suck indefinitely.  Out of nowhere,  I got approval for a vacation.  So I dropped everything and flew in a moment’s notice back to the States.  And I spent a little more than two weeks having an unapologetically good time.  Partied with the missus in Virginia, then we headed out and partied with extended family in Indiana, then we partied with one of my best friends in Pittsburgh, then we partied with each other back in Virginia, until I finally flew back to Afghanistan exhausted and depleted.

It was an unapologetically good time because I’m not sorry I didn’t post an update.  I was gonna get back to it.  Speaking of back to it, I have returned to Afghanistan where my thoughts invariably, eventually turned to you guys.  Now that I’m back, it’s important to let you know that it’s coming down to the wire for me and my time here.  I’ve got about five weeks remaining on my contract, at which point it’s time to shake the dust off my boots permanently.  It’s been two years and damn near two novels in the making.  I’ve been all over the map here, from large, barren deserts to cramped, dystopic cityscapes; from places where attacks come often to the much quieter streets of the capital.  I’m officially in “been there, done that” mode for Afghanistan.

Welcome to the final stretch folks.



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7 responses to “War Journal 57: The Final Stretch

  1. Do you know where your next deployment is? Hope the five weeks passes quickly and safely!

  2. Hurray for the holiday and the end of trenching! Let’s hear it for quality time 🙂 Hope your new post/job/incredibly early retirement still gives you time to finish the sequel & get started on the next 10 books…

  3. Looking forward to your novels. I became a fan after reading your story on Daily Sci-Fi. If your novels are anything like that, then I know they’ll be good.

    • Thanks for digging my work. My DSF stories are just vignettes compared to the novels. I can’t wait for you and the rest of the world to see them finished… now to finish them! 🙂

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