War Journal 56: Trench Update

I took perhaps a month off from writing, although it seemed much longer.  Either way, I’m back now, infused with a few more story ideas and a long held desire to wrap up the novel.  It’s nice to feel busy again with the craft.

While I was stewing in nothingness, I did manage to get something published.  Class Action Orc, the follow-up to my funny story Orc Legal, got accepted to UFO 2.  Now, some of you may be thinking that my story’s acceptance was a given seeing as how I was an associate editor/slush reader for the anthology.  Keep in mind my story had to go through the same blind reading process as everyone else.  Plus I was limited to being able to only submit two stories for consideration.  My first story got rejected, so I was quite stoked when Class Action Orc got the seal of approval.

Then I got stoked again.  Apparently my story was one of the nine in the volume that got artwork drawn for it!  And it’s awesome artwork!  Check it out.


How cool is that?!  Funny stories are admittedly my strong suit, so it felt good to not only be involved with bringing funny stories to the front of SpecFic, it feels even better being able to add my own flavor to it.  And it feels BOSS to have some kicky sweet artwork included.

UFO 2 should drop sometime in September.  You know me, I’ll keep it posted, albeit in a possibly raggedy fashion.  What else can you expect from an unreliable narrator such as I?



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6 responses to “War Journal 56: Trench Update

  1. Looking forward to getting my UFO2 copy with your Orc story in it!

  2. Congrats, James! Your awesomeness deserves to be illustrated by more awsomeness. Although… I trust you weren’t the one “blindly” reading your own story? *duck* *runaway!* >;-p

    • You’ll see how cool your “blindly reading” comment is once you get a hand on this book and read my story! Meanwhile, remind me to remove your powers to asterisk words, depriving you of your ability to duck and run away.

  3. You forget that I, too, served in the Army once… I can duck and run away with the best of them under the cover of curly braces, square braces, underscores, and even unprotected! {laughing maniacally}

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