Help UFO2!

UFO2The Unidentified Funny Objects Kickstarter is in its last 40 hours and it needs your help to get that last little push it needs. There’s literally nothing else out there dedicated to publishing funny, absurd, satirical and otherwise humorous speculative fiction. It’s a unicorn, people… and how can we not feed a unicorn?

You writers out there: the money goes to buy more stories, possibly your story! Readers out there: the money provides for book design, cover art and extra content. Check out the web stories from the UFO 1 anthology, available to view for free because of last year’s generous donations.

When you consider how a 15 dollar donation will net you both the UFO1 and upcoming UFO2 e-books or a 20 dollar donation will land you the UFO2 ebook and trade paperbook, most of the pledge levels give back something worthwhile. If you haven’t given anything yet, please consider it.

Come here to donate to a fun cause!


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