Dialogues for My Readers

I have a couple hot releases coming down the pipe.  For email subscribers to Daily Science Fiction, expect my latest story, Past Tense, to hit your inboxes on April 1st.  Non-subscribers will have to wait a week, so if you haven’t gotten on the mailing list, now may be the time.  It’s free and the stories they send provide a pretty welcome departure from your daily grind.

My other news is pretty big.  Novelettes have a hard time finding good markets, so I decided to take my novelette and sell it myself.  Thanks in large parts to the beautiful e-book cover and interior design provided by Karina Steffens over at Neo-archaic Web Design Services, my near-future science fiction story Dialogues with Talking Heads is now available on Amazon.  Here’s a teaser:

They say the only sure things are death and taxes. But death doesn’t have to be a certainty with the right technology. Especially if there are people itching to ask the dearly departed questions about their taxes.

Dr. Hugh Torquato’s business is post-mortem communications, and business is booming. Sometimes the dead are the only ones with the answers, and the trick of getting them to speak is a closely guarded trade secret.

But the revolutionary technology Hugh uses on the job may not be the only one out there with a wicked cutting edge. When a VIP dies in a manner both unnatural and inexplicable, Hugh finds his hands full trying to unravel a locked-room mystery that even the dead can’t figure out.


I’m extremely excited about this story’s debut, and not just because it marks my first venture into the world of author-driven e-publishing.  Of all the stories I’ve ever written, Dialogues is the all time favorite of my number one fan and supporter, my wife.  She’s been dying to see this in print for some time, so giving it the glossy treatment it deserves and putting it out for the world to read is more a present for her than anything else.

I know this gift is a little premature, but I doubt I’ll be able to top it way out here in Afghanistan.  Happy birthday, Kitty.

Check out Dialogues with Talking Heads at Amazon for $2.99 or FREE if you’re an Amazon Prime Customer.



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13 responses to “Dialogues for My Readers

  1. As we say here in Ireland, Deadly!
    I’m really excited about this, James. You’ve done such a great job on this story. It’s got a puzzling mystery and hilarious black humour, bundled in a wicked Sci-Fi package – and I don’t mean my cover ;-p

    Not sure if my opinion counts for much, though, since I’m both the designer and quite possibly James’s #2 fan (I’ll be walking around with an eyepatch and briefcase for days after this).

    • Thanks, Karina. While I’ll take credit for making it into what I think is a fun, neat story, you really were the one who made it fit to print. I couldn’t have done it without you.

  2. Just downloaded this – looking forward to the read!

  3. Ed Kratz

    Just read your DSF story. What a great job. Yeah, I’m a little behind. You set yourself a challenge, and you surpassed it.
    Great job.
    Ed Kratz

  4. Great story published in DSF! Very well-written and executed!

  5. Damn James, Just read Past Tense.. (I’m a little backlogged on my reading). You’re such a fucking good writer. Yeah, I cursed! Awed by you again. If I wasn’t a huge fan already… geez… When I grow up, I wanna be just like you. (I’m older than you in fact, but let’s not dwell in reality.) Well done, Sir!

    • Hey, I don’t mind if my stuff is expletive-inducing. Better than vomit-inducing any day of the week. Thanks for checking it out… I’m glad you liked it, Stace!

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