War Journal 51: Resurgence

Three words for you: I’m back baby!

Ok, more words than that.  I had a time that superseded “great” in the Caribbean.  Sorry if your eyes are sensitive, but sometimes you can only get the point across with expletives as adjectives, and dear readers, this vacation was fucking awesome!

Now I’m back in Afghanistan, ready to finish this novel out, this deployment out, and the quest to make SFWA out with aplomb.  Speaking of that last goal, while I was gone I made a huge stride toward the SFWA by selling my short story “Past Tense” to Daily Science Fiction.  When that goes live, I’ll just need one, count ’em ONE more short story sell to an SFWA recognized publisher to claim the long awaited Trench Supremacy.  I think being an SFWA pro gets you a keychain and discounts at Sizzler too!

I also sold another story, “Of Badges and Brownies”to Conjurings… my third story set in the 7 Realms. For those of you new to these stories (What Gets Your Goat, Orc Legal), they’re my comedy fantasy that I get plenty of rave reviews about but the humor market isn’t exactly a flourishing body in Specfic.  I’m just glad you guys (and the rare publisher) think they’re funny!

The place I live and work is bombed out and depleted.  But my dispostion is rosy.  I needed this break, bad, and now that I got it my soul is rejuvenated.  I got ink for my pen now!  At long last, time to put the final chapters of the book in place, maybe put a lil Beamon magic in some short pieces I’ve been kicking around like loose rocks in my head.

For what it’s worth… I’m back in the trenches.  No place I’d rather be right now.  I’m gonna leave you guys with some pics of me and my son enjoying Turks and Caicos.  And when my wife (who has the camera) sends me more pics she’ll make an appearance too!





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  1. Welcome back! Glad you had a blast… with water that blue, how could you not? Stunning. And congrats on the sales!

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