Intelligence Report: Submitomancy

The future is here!

The future is here!

Duotrope’s about to be replaced.  You can’t say I didn’t see it coming.

Outside of the poor customer relations when it came to the pay-to-play transition, the biggest burn for users of Duotrope was the seemingly steep $50 dollar price tag.  It didn’t take long, as Duotrope hasn’t even gone to the pay model yet, but the very enterprising Slyvia Spruck Wrigley and Cliff Stanford have just launched a crowdfunding project for Submitomancy.  It’s a database that does everything Duotrope does.  Plus more.  For less money.

So check this out, basic services are free.  Yeah, like the Duotrope of yesteryear free.  Then there’s basic membership, which would pretty much replace virtually all of what you use Duotrope for now for 20 bucks a year.  They’re also offering Premium service, which comes with a whole bunch of stuff Duotrope never had like direct emails when a market’s stated suspense time has been reached, automatic cover letters for submissions and social networking features, and all for approximately 32 bucks a year.

You got it straight.  At Premium, you can get more from Submitomancy then you can with Duotrope and it STILL COSTS LESS.

Writers out there!  Spread the word!!  Reblog it, link it to your writer friends.  Tell them to stop before they open up their paypal account for Duotrope.  Submitomancy’s going to need users, and funding.  Your dollar’s put to clearly better use here.  Check them out and sign up for their service.  Some of their sponsor packages are pretty sweet, like Super Saver and First Wave, and they’re limited in number.  Get yours quick.  Let’s get Submitomancy off the ground!


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