Rant Grenade: The Rant Fantastic

This is a metaphor… for someone else’s unbridled RAGE!!

It’s been a good while since I ranted.  I mean, what would I have to complain about with all the scenic beauty of war torn Helmand Province around me?

My recent week has been full of good writing.  I don’t have much to complain about right now.  But I gotta switch it up… every now and then you gotta give the crowd a little blood right?

Since I’m relatively angst free for the moment, I invite you all to check out one of the best rants on the state of literary fiction I’ve run across in my exploration of the web, courtesy of David Farland.  Here he really slams the literary world.  Granted, he wrote this back in like the 80’s… but that’s the real draw.  Feel free to be the judge to see if much has changed in the literary world since then.  Personally, I think it couldn’t be more on target if Robin Hood had fired the shot from a space age compound bow with laser sights.

The Rant Fantastic


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5 responses to “Rant Grenade: The Rant Fantastic

  1. Philip MacKim

    Totally agreed. If you want to get a story published in the New Yorker you better make it pointless AND depressing. Really depressing. I have a theory about this: people from comfortable backgrounds go into publishing and become editors. Then their lives get steadily less comfortable as their parents’ money runs out. Then they get depressed. Rather than, say, exercising or taking Prozac, they publish depressing stories because that’s what seems like real life. Then they get more depressed, and that tattered sense of literary superiority is the only thing that keeps the knife from their veins.

  2. Brilliant. I was virtually cheering! I might have to re-blog this one…

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