War Journal 44: Strategic Fallback

It’s trench warfare out there.  Sometimes you win a publishing credit, sometimes you don’t.  Sometimes it feels like you’ve written all the stories you’re gonna write, and other times it feels like you’re on the cusp of something big… huge even, and all you gotta do is keep pushing your work at those slushpiles.

I don’t know which time this is.  All I know is I need a break.

After half a year deployed, I’m finally going home for R&R.  Unless I get some super critical awesome news, this site will remain static for the rest of this month.  No more new stories, no more pitched battles for publication… it’s going to go silent on all fronts except the home front.

I’m going back to the States to enjoy life… hopefully without plot twists or character arcs.

While I’m gone, you writers out there keep writing.  Who am I to tell you to keep writing when I’m not gonna keep writing myself?  I’m the dude that’s been in Afghanistan for what feels like forever!  You readers out there, head over to UFO Kickstarter, spread the word, preorder the book.  This is where I’ve been investing most of my writerly energy lately, and I’m relying on you all to help make it successful.

Until September, this is it.  No more shopping my stories around.  No more checking Duotrope.  Whatever’s out there will find me without me chasing it down for awhile.  It’s time to let things fall into place.

Here’s Nikka Costa to tell me what’ll be will be.  Stay frosty, gristlers.


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