UFO Kickstarter Campaign

Give them LIFE!!

I need you guys.

Yeah, I know, I always need you guys… you’re my small yet loyal fanbase!  I don’t know how half of you found me out of all the cool places to hang out on the webz, but I’m glad you did.  But this time I NEED you.  The future of SF and Fantasy needs you.

You guys have invariably laughed at one or two of my posts.  You’ve seen me rant on the lack of professional grade humor in the industry.  Now it’s time, small yet loyal fanbase, time to rise up and get the funny we’ve been craving!

The UFO Kickstarter Campaign has officially, well, kick-started!  I’ve been in the trenches personally with the UFO Anthology, working, demanding the hottest jokes, carefully inspecting stories to ensure they pass the bar.  I’m your direct connect behind the scenes and let me tell you, some of the funniest stories I’ve seen in fiction are coming out in this collection.

I’m looking at this as a self-fulfilling prophecy:  If UFO does well, then the industry takes notice. If the industry takes notice, then the industry shifts.  Light-hearted stories and comedies get more exposure.  The world becomes a better place, not full of weepy, tear-jerky, heart-wrenching stories.  That’s sounds great to me.  And a lot of you guys have been laughing with me, sometimes at me, which tells me that this also sounds great to you.  So let’s self-fulfill the prophecy!

Show your support for Unidentified Funny Objects.  Go to the Kickstarter site and donate to the cause.  I know a lot of the rewards for donating are SWEET!  Tweet it, share it on Facebook, tell your friends about it.  A bunch of famous names are on board, a trove of kickass stories.

One thing I know about my small yet loyal fanbase; you guys take your comedy serious.  I need you guys to spread the word.  Let’s make this thing huge.


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