War Journal 42: Setbacks

The landscape is a lot harder to navigate than I thought…

In the ever-evolving story of my quest to SFWA Pro status, I got hit with a whammy the other day, something that fittingly belongs in fiction.  Before the third act, culminating in triumph for the protagonist, there’s always a setback, right?  Here’s mine.

The SFWA doesn’t recognize Penumbra as a pro site, at least not yet.  What that means is instead of having one more sale to make pro, I have to make two more sales at pro level.

Meanwhile, Internet for me has been reduced/downgraded because of outages back in the States as a result of the storms on the East Coast.  It’s made communication back home a little tricky, hence a lack of updates among other things.

I swear, I wasn’t doing this to ramp up the tension or to make the goal that much more fulfilling.   Screw you guys and your satisfying reading experience… I want my credit already!



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4 responses to “War Journal 42: Setbacks

  1. Rachel Swirsky

    I’m not familiar with the magazine, but if you think it fits SFWA’s pro guidelines, the board would be happy to hear about it.

    Rachel Swirsky, SFWA VP

  2. I think Penumbra will celebrate its first anniversary shortly and thereby become eligible for SFWA-pro status, retro-enabling your eligibility. Though it’s more than likely that you’ll sell something to a current-pro market first.

  3. Anatoly! I appreciate the vote of confidence.

    Man, when everyone comes and finds my lil corner of the ether to let me know they don’t like my setbacks either, I can’t help but be encouraged.

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