Intelligence Report: Grammar Girl

I like when she gives me quick and dirty... tips. I'm still learning how to use ellipsis.

I believe in the power of a well placed hyphen.  I had a decent idea, but honestly, I wasn’t quite sure where to stick my hyphen until I found Grammar Girl.   Her eyes twinkled behind her glasses and she told me with a knowing smile where to put it.  I’ve been putting my hyphen in the most perfect of places ever since.

You gotta excuse me, readers.  Grammar Girl’s caricature does something to my freaky bookworm /hot librarian vibe.  I think it’s because my wife wears black glasses like this when she reads and sometimes I’m like “hey, um… why don’t you put those on even though you won’t necessarily be for reading for what I’ve got planned…”  Maybe it’s just me—it’s hard out here in the deserts of Afghanistan.

Hard like remembering all the rules to grammar.  That’s where Grammar Girl comes in.   She comes through to solidify all the grammar lessons you blithely forgot when you were a kid living under the pretense that writing was for suckers.  Now that you’ve grown up to the point where you  want to write, not good, but well and it’s too late to pay attention in class, Grammar Girl goes and makes  it easy by giving you quick overviews for your most heinous grammar questions.

I like this site because it’s not overly long and drawn out.  Grammar Girl doesn’t try to re-teach everything you should’ve learned in school, she gives you what she advertises.  Quick and Dirty.  I also like the fact that the interface is clean and easy to navigate.  So if you don’t know when to use lay vs. lie (I know I need this one bookmarked for quick access) or if you were just curious on what the difference is between E.g. and I.e., and you want to know on the fly without a long, drawn out history of English courtesy of Oxford, look no further.

These are more QDT experts. I don’t know about y’all but I’d love to see these guys in a fighting game. Girlfriend MD vs Modern Manners Guy? House Call Doctor and Grammar Girl, both with finishing moves involving colons? That’s something I’d insert coin for.



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4 responses to “Intelligence Report: Grammar Girl

  1. German writer

    Woah dude. You sound like you’re overdue for a conjigal visit!

  2. B.Seay.

    Thanks for grammar girl homie. I really need her in my life right now.

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