War Journal 34: Headlines

If they could capture, bottle and sell what I felt when I first saw this cover...

Can you guys believe this?!

If my name was any bigger, the font would come with neon flash built in.  I’m headlining, everybody!  I wanted to shout this out as soon as I saw it, but I wanted to celebrate Leap Day in proper fashion and answer pending questions on fictigristle.

Now there’s nothing in the way of me raving over the cover of Penumbra.  Times like this are when you can take satisfaction in the trenches, feeling proud of hard fought battles and steel your nerves for fights in the future.  This gang, this is EPIC.

I told you guys that “Song of Passing Grief” was a story I wrote specifically for Penumbra.  Hell, I guess they felt the same way.

I just assumed my name and story would be buried somewhere between the pages.  So I saw the artwork, drawn and inspired by my story, and I saw my name stretching across the page and I was like


That’s the word cause there are no words, really.  It’s the equivalent of expecting two people to remember your birthday and coming home to a house full of all the people you’ve known your whole life flying from all corners of the world to shout congratulations at you… heaps of gifts… your all time favorite cake! Tell me, what’s the word for that?

I was telling a pro writer and friend of mine that I hope I never get jaded when things like this happen to me.  The feeling of seeing this cover made one writer so happy he lost his words.

That feeling is not what writing’s all about… but damn, it’s a beautiful perk.



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4 responses to “War Journal 34: Headlines

  1. Vinita

    Woah! Congratulations! As an aspiring writer/ fellow battler in the writing trenches, I can deeply appreciate how exciting it must be to see your name in lights like that…!! Any updates on the contest you excitedly talked about in your last past?

  2. Stacey

    Wow James, Congratulations! You are an inspiration. What a cool cover! It’s gonna look great framed.

    • Thanks Stacey. I’m still gawking in awe when I look at it, but knowing my wife, she probably already had the cover framed and was waiting to surprise me after I was done with my tour in Afghanistan. She might not like you letting out the steam to the steampunk cover, but I appreciate you stopping by and showing support!

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