War Journal 30: Christmas Presence

He's got a lot to smile about... he got two ply toilet paper for Xmas. If only you suckers in the States had it so good...

Even though I’m deployed and my only sense of Christmas is the occasional string of lights that hang limply from the ceilings of random concrete bunkers, that doesn’t mean I have to be bah humbug about the holiday.  Don’t get me wrong, it kinda sucks out here, and sucks double on holidays, but I can still get into the spirit of giving.

My first gift is news.  I finished my novel!  It stands a little more than 85,000 words and it’s all sorts of awesome.  I’m a pantser (later on what that is) so I get as close to the final draft as possible.  Don’t get me wrong, I still need to do some cleaning and editing as with anything I’ve written, but already I can see once I’m done apply polish this will be a great read.

I thought there’d be a bigger sense of accomplishment after tackling a novel.  I’m sure the reason for that is because it’s only the first book in a series.  The story’s still continuing in my head, so that sense of total storycraft satisfaction hasn’t quite hit me yet.  But I’ve already started thinking about all the elements of the second novel, and it’s starting to take great shape.

News aside, I’m also going to drop another installment of Trench Gristle on you guys.  This time, it’ll be holiday appropriate-ish.  Look for that in a day or two.

Don’t never say I never gave y’all nothing.  Merry Christmas everybody.


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