War Journal 28: Bit Trickles

In these trenches, you could die waiting for a YouTube video.

It’s the middle of November.  And I’m in the middle of nowhere.  Granted, since I’ve started this blog you all have seen me deploy to a few places of varying suck.  I will tell you all unequivocally that where I am now has its own special blend of suck.

My internet is SLOW.  And when I say slow, I don’t mean that kind of slow that everyone groans about when they want their information instantly, that slow that you get irate about when you see the little circle spinning signifying that your page is loading.  I’m talking slow like you just want a page, a single web page, in the space of your current logon session.  My first home Internet was the Sega Dreamcast, which was dial-up and designed for gameplay rather than user-friendly online browsing… and that was screaming fast in comparison.  I could probably screech like a modem at the moon and evoke some tribal gods in binary to carry the information on the wind faster than I could get something useful out of my Internet.

Better Internet, now bundled with Crazy Taxi!

What this all means is that blogging takes planning.  And I’m not much for planning.  And even when I say, “you know, I’m about to blog it up”, I think about the horrible time I had just trying to get the content from my Halloween blog just to load and I say “screw it, I’ll do it later.”

I dunno.  Maybe this means you’ll all see thoughtful, insightful posts.  Maybe this will help me master the art of concise eloquence.  I hope it doesn’t mean I just won’t post that often.  Where there’s a will there’s a way… but it seems it costs all of my will to bring up a web page, like my ISP made a sadistic deal with the devil.  I’m glad I put up Trench Gristle… if nothing else that’s already written.

These are the war stories of a writer in the trenches… and take it from this writer, some trenches are worst than others.



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