An Introduction to Trench Gristle

As a writer, I’d like to think all my stories are good. But good doesn’t necessarily mean publishable. Writing’s the art, publishing’s the business… and sometimes the twain don’t really meet. Me, being the writer that I am, I gotta write what I wanna write… sometimes I do this without any real regard for what’s deemed in good taste. Thankfully, most of it’s flash fiction, as nobody wants to spend time and effort on several pages of unmarketable story. A few times of doing this and I have a reasonably noteworthy collection of stories that have an uphill battle to see the light of day. So I said to myself… why not give my regulars at fictigristle something other than my rants, raves, and raps on writing?

It is with this spirit of added value that I present Trench Gristle. These are the stories that make publishers cringe. The ones they secretly enjoy (I hope) but can’t back. Every quarter (or so) I’ll post a new Trench Gristle story, with enhanced content to include the story behind the story. Just my way of saying thanks for tuning in. Feel free to comment on any one of these gristled war vets.


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