War Journal 25: The Last Hurrah

I hope mine goes down better than his... jeez

I’m in the Indianapolis airport waiting for my return flight to Virginia.  The next time you hear from me, gentle readers, I’ll most likely be enroute to Afghanistan.  I only have a few days to enjoy the sweet life here in the States.  It’s not enough time, but it never really is.

I’ll tell you guys the top 5 things I’m going to miss, because when I’m over there I’m not going to think about it.  I’ll concentrate on doing my job well, getting better in my trade, and finishing my novel.  You can’t dwell in longing… the reason it’s called longing is because it makes the time stretch out long.  Yep, better to tell you my top 5 now rather than have you waiting for at least six months when I get back on vacation.

5. Making the cat somersault, claws out, because he knows it’s wrastlin time.

4. Watching movies with the family with our zuzus and wham-whams (popcorn and snacks) spread out in front of us.

3.  My wife’s fingers on the back of my head.

2. The way my son laughs when we’re playing Wii.

1. Cracking a joke that makes my wife laugh so hard she tries to hit me… and I dodge and that’ll prompt her to chase after me laughing the whole while.

I’ll be looking forward to all these for a short while.  You guys stay frosty Stateside and try not to break anything while I’m away.

Oh, and you guys following my escapades in Indiana won’t believe this.  I found this magazine today in the airport… I’m not even playing.  Can you see the director screaming “More Breadbasket!!”

see if you can spot my last post's running joke.


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