War Journal 23: Digital Me

Hot off the presses... now with dragons!!

Guys, I’ve got a whole heap of misadventures and stories about my goings on to update you with!  But, I’m going to wait till later.  I promise, I’ll tell you all the happenings with me and where I’ve been hiding.  My time is short and this stuff’s going to take awhile.

I’m blogging now because more of my work’s available for you guys to check out.  Yes, my digital bibliography over at Amazon has grown a bit more.  Just the other day OG’s Speculative Fiction Issue 32 dropped, headlining with my story “.vic of Smut 2.0”.  It’s only 99 cents on Kindle, I’ve gotten rave reviews on it, and you can’t afford to not check out it out!

If you guys are wondering why I work so tirelessly to promote myself is because I have to.  Not only am I proud of digital me, but I also have other same-named bastards making the job of getting this particular James Beamon’s name out there difficult.  I’m sure none of you have, but for the sake of hypothetical question asking, have any of y’all ever googled James Beamon?  Sure, you may get a few hits with my stories… but you’re just as likely to find a James Beamon who just got 55 years for rape.  I’m not joking.

While I can’t begrudge the media reporting the news… I can get mad at other James Beamons who make it a point to do dastardly shit.  Because right now you guys stand to read “.vic of Smut 2.0”, love it, and then recommend it by saying “you gotta check out James Beamon… google him and I’m sure this story will come up.”  And when they do, they’ll say, “why the hell did he/she want me to google this evil bastard?”


I am not this shitty example of human existence.


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3 responses to “War Journal 23: Digital Me

  1. Evil bastards

    always seem to find time to do evil crap. While I’m glad this guy is getting what he deserves, I’m hoping you get the credit you deserve.

    Congratulations on having your works published!

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