War Journal 22: Weathering Storms

Can a brother just get out of the rain?

The weekend’s here and Hurricane Irene is lashing outside my windows.  I’m effectively grounded, giving me a much needed break from a very frenzied pace.  A lot has happened since I’ve been back, stuff I haven’t been able to sit down and update you all about.

This hurricane isn’t the only storm to assail me this month.  When I first arrived, the only location my company had to place me in was Fort Drum.  This is Ft. Drum: No way I could take my family there.  My rock and hard place… unemployment meant starving and current employment meant freezing.  So I hit the pavement, looking for work.  It was a long and sordid process, where either the money was too low or the work was redundant or out of my specialty.  Finally, I found a great place with a great company that provides better pay than before.  But it comes at a price.

I have to deploy again… this time to Afghanistan.

It’s not a perfect solution, but it’s not bad either.  Afghanistan puts me into a promising company doing meaningful work.  It gives me time to increase my IT knowledge base and certification specialties, gives me time to finish the novel… all while making sure my wife doesn’t have to consider the potted meat section of the grocery as what’s for dinner.

The biggest con is the letdown of my expectations.  I was beyond excited about coming home from Iraq and spending real time in the States.  That feeling of vacation my wife and I have had in August never really left us because it really was nothing more than a vacation… and for a few of those weeks, vacation without pay.

Well, these are the war stories of a writer in the trenches after all.  Damned if I didn’t know at the time I created this blog I was going to take you guys through CENTCOM’s whole Area of Responsibility.  It’s a living.

So let me finish weathering these storms, Irene and everything after, by saying sorry I’ve been sporadic to you guys out there tuned to my station.  I normally reply to all comments but life has me placing one foot in front of the other right now.  Sometimes a soldier’s gotta march.  I hope you all stay tuned for yet another tour of duty.


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2 responses to “War Journal 22: Weathering Storms

  1. Unemployment sucks!

    Congrats on the job…there’s nothing like potty meat for motivate.

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