War Journal 21: An Act of Shameless Self-Promotion

I got your ticket to ride right here.

Triangulation: Last Contact has finally arrived in print.  The book smacked me on the head and out of my busy, frenzied world by arriving in my mailbox.  It’s nice to get a free contributor’s copy when you sell a story to a publisher that offers print editions.  My print edition contributor’s copy spoke to me.  It said, “Now you can update your WordPress site and add more links about you at the bottom.  Keep rocking.”

But I couldn’t keep rocking.  See, Triangulation is sold through Amazon, and I already have the link to my Amazon AuthorCentral page on my site.  Well, at least I could update my AuthorCentral page, listing Triangulation as one of my works on my bibliography.  If I couldn’t keep rocking, then I may as well keep rolling.

But I couldn’t keep rolling.  See, Amazon has it listed as being authored by Stephen Ramey and Jamie Lackey, the editors of the book.  None of the actual story writers were listed as authors.  I guess buyers out there in the bit abyss who stumble upon Triangulation: Last Contact would never know that a writer they had never heard of named James Beamon had contributed to the thing.

And that’s the part that didn’t sit right.  So I wrote Amazon and said “I wanted to keep rocking but couldn’t… so I tried to keep rolling but you wouldn’t let me.  I don’t have but so many story credits, and I wanna point my finger as often as possible.  Can I roll?  Will you let me?”

They wrote back and said, “We never heard of you, but we checked it out.  You’re right… we got you.  Keep rolling.”

That brings me back to you guys.  This is the point where I tell you to check out Triangulation: Last Contact on Amazon.  Here you can see my not so smiling mug.  At the moment I’m the only writer with an associated pic in the “More About the Authors” section.  While you’re at it, go ahead and pick up a copy.  It’s got me (yay!) and a bunch of other great authors (including Robert J. Sawyer) with some very engaging stories.  It’s 12 bucks for the print edition… the same edition that smacked me over the head earlier, and 6 bucks for the Kindle edition.

Now you guys know how far I’ll go to get some recognition.  And when you’re part of an anthology this good, it’s worth it.


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3 responses to “War Journal 21: An Act of Shameless Self-Promotion

  1. very useful blog,you wrote really a amazing books.

  2. I do wish Amazon & B&N offered a way to link to all authors. In this sea of books, it’s hard enough to get meaningful attention. I commend you for soldiering on and nominate you for the rock and roll hall of fame 🙂

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