War Journal 20: Trench Heroes

Trench warfare: you never know when one of your soldiers will surprise you with their ferocity.

August is quickly turning into my briefest blast into the blogosphere.  It’s hard to fight that feeling of vacation that comes with being home.  After two years of being back for only a couple of weeks every six months, my wife and I have yet to develop a feeling of permanence in my presence.  If nothing else, these years have taught us to celebrate the immediacy of now.  Later may involve my packed bags.

Funny enough though, this barely chronicled month is full of the most updates.  I sold two more stories in the space between my last blog.  A couple of days ago I got an acceptance letter from Strange, Weird, and Wonderful Magazine for a story called “Of Badges and Brownies”.  It’s one of my funny pieces, set in the same Seven Realms universe as “What Gets Your Goat”.  It was hard to find a home for this piece, as funny doesn’t get much play in the publishing world.  “Brownies” is my third story in Seven Realms and second one sold.  I’m still trying to find a home for “Orc Legal”, the second Seven Realms story I’ve written and one which has gotten rave reviews from readers and judges alike.  It won Honorable Mention from Writers of the Future… here’s hoping that it’ll find a home soon, as I’d love to have all three stories online and available to you guys.

Meanwhile, the biggest news ever.  Today I celebrate my first pro sale.  PRO!  One down, two more to go to earn that elusive SFWA Pro writer credit.  I sold my 1,300 word science fiction story “Saviors” to Daily Science Fiction.  Of all the stories that I have in my story bank, I didn’t think this would be the first one to take the beach.  Not that it’s a bad story, it’s just out of formula for me.  I wrote it, left it alone for a few days, did some spot editing and sent it off to Daily Science Fiction.  No writer workshop critique, no long cold period where I focus on something else until I forget I wrote the thing completely… it’s one of my weaknesses where I get such pride in craft that I send it off to the first market I think would want it.  This time it worked!  So as it stands “Saviors” is one of the few, perhaps only story of mine that hasn’t had a rejection either.

It’s time to celebrate!  Today marks my elevation from small words to big words… what better way than with a song?



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4 responses to “War Journal 20: Trench Heroes

  1. ellielawson

    Wow. Fantastic! That is a huge moment worth celebrating – congrats x

  2. Funny how that works, doesn’t it? Always comes unexpected. Congrats!

  3. Thank you for the support everyone! I know it feels strangely surreal for me… I’m sure it’ll hit home once I see it in print… or the paycheck! haha

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