War Journal 16: The Readership Responds

The right news can put a smile on anybody's face.

I’ve been in my writer’s workshop for awhile now.  Given that’s it’s a pretty big workshop with an online, anonymous nature, you often get critiques from new people all the time.  Sometimes stories stand out, you remember the writers’ names and friendships develop.  I’ve met some good people my time there, from folks just writing their first novel or working towards their first sale to seasoned pros.

This last week I got an unusual critique for my newest story.  A guy named Phil said he loved it (that’s not the unusual part haha).  He explained that he’s in another local workshop so he often finds himself short on time to write critiques for us online guys.  But he went on to say he tends to look for my name whenever he goes through the queue of stories in the workshop.  He recalled the plots of three of my previous workshop submissions, after weeks have passed, which showed me that these stories left an impression.

When you’re battling raging slushpiles and getting rejections handed to you in every direction, it’s easy enough to lose heart.  But then somebody somewhere comes out of the woodwork and says the very thing you’ve known all along and have been scouring publishing houses for them to say too.  Your work is worth sharing.

It’s a great feeling that somebody out there in the bit abyss recognizes your name and looks for your work.  It’s the whole reason we work the slushpiles in the first place.   It’s nice to have readership.

With that said, can I get a damn buyer?


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