Creative Combat Arms: Plug Up That Plot Hole

It woulda been a perfectly believeable world if it hadn't been for you meddling kids.

The name alone sounds awful.  Plot Hole.  It’s like some nether abyss that opened in the middle of your story and dragged the whole thing down to hell.  You messed up your own story, which is kinda like getting fired on your day off.  You suck.

Take heart, aspiring writer, plot holes are relatively easy to fix.  It’s a matter of switching gears from storyteller to story reader.  Sure, you’re reading it while you’re writing it, but that’s reading a story in God Mode, where you’re free to change places, characters, names and everything else on the fly.  All that changing could alter the fabric of logic and space-time in your story, something you may not notice until you’ve finished writing and have sent it out to fight the slush.  By then it’s a purely read experience to the editors.  You don’t want them looking at your gaping hole, do you?

Read your story.  Not with the mind set of the writer who wrote it… stop playing in God Mode.  Read it as a regular reader powerless to change anything in it.  Ask yourself:  are the things that are happening plausible within the world you’ve created?  Are physics applying?  Are the agreed upon rules for fantasy creatures intact?  Vampires do not have day jobs selling bibles door to door.   

This kind of analytical reading should stop the big holes altogether.  Hopefully, it’ll stop the small ones too.  Some may get past you and you know what?  Sometimes it’s not all that criminal.  With plot holes, just like street pot holes, size does matter.  If it’s a satisfying read with a satisfying ending, few readers will realize there’s a hole or care.  Similar to driving a big truck over a quarter sized hole.  Don’t believe me?  Check out some classic movies and see if you spotted these plot holes when you first saw them.

You know me… link happy.  I’m also going to give you E. Bundy’s “The Turtle Wore Mascara” courtesy of Electric Spec.  It’s an enjoyable read… bonus points if you catch the small hole.


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