War Journal 14: Commercial Break

You might not, but I bet you have a friend that would...

This is the cover art for the upcoming Steamy Screams anthology, drawn by “Maggot Master” Andrej Bartulovic.  And while I think the art work’s well done, I’m more so plugging my own creativity.  My flash story, “A Witch to Live” will appear in Steamy Screams.  Right now they’re going through the final edits and what have yous.   I don’t  know about you guys out there in the bit abyss, but I’m looking forward to this anthology.  It’s not often you see horror/erotica.  Unless you count the movie scenes where the teen bad boy and school slut go have sex and the killer kills them in the middle of their tryst… then yeah, it happens all the time. 

I know this is the first and only story I’ve written that mashes these two up.  When I wrote the story, it was actually as a prompt for some now-defunct website that said they wanted stories where a priest/preacher and a witch were in the same room together.  I went a little bit on the naughty side with it… to the point it became a bit too racy for them.  And at the time I wrote it I couldn’t think of any other publisher who would take something titillating yet scary.  I’m glad it found a home with these guys.

I know what you’re thinking… I could have just toned down the steamy parts.  But unlike the random teen hook-ups, the sex is actually integral to the plot… and it’s kinda hot and kinda disturbing all at once.  Do you know how hard it is to get integral, hot, and disturbing together to play nice while keeping it all under a thousand words?  It’s like getting sweet and salty and savory all together to fit in the palm of your hand.  That’s only happened once… and we named it McGriddle.

Friends, when you write the McGriddle, you don’t thow it out because you don’t know how to sell it.  You wait for someone to look at it and  say, “Hell yes,  we’ll put our logo on it!”  That’s how it was for me, holding onto my penultimate breakfast sandwich of a story until Blood Bound Books issued a call for horror erotica submissions.  I looked at the final version today and I’ve gotta tell you, if the whole anthology is on par with what I have, then it’s going to decadently awesome.

I’ll post more on where to pick up a copy as it becomes available.  The question for you guys is did I make you curious… or just hungry?


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  1. Hey, congratulations on the publication, sounds great to me! I would love to get a copy as soon as it’s out, andI think it’s very interesting to mix up both these genres.

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