War Journal 13: The Return of the Contractor

I'm just your average contractor. We do it for the luv.

It’s been forever since the last update.  That’s entirely my fault.  The lack of site news and helpful articles is also due in part to my ever changing status.  A horde of new military units have come to me for computer support and my days have been pretty full doing the work that keeps me off food stamps.  Plus I’m getting close to the end of my time here in Iraq and I’ve been looking around at my different occupation options when I return to the States. 

But I have been writing. I’m halfway through chapter 12 of the novel and I took time out to write a 7,500 word short story that’s making its way up the queue in Critters.  So the pen’s still full, just not for you guys.  But I already told you, I’m a writer not a blogger.  I’m not even going to promise that this won’t happen again.

Triangulation Series Anthology: Last Contact is almost out and I’m excited about that.  My story “Lack of Charity” is featured in it and its currently the biggest sale I’ve had to date.  I haven’t had many sales in the last few months.  I’m halfway through a story that I’m applying the MZB Challenge to.  I keep stopping after I write another 500 or so words to it.  It’s not that the story’s hard to write, it’s just not that much fun.  The only pro of not doing my first love of writing for a living is that it affords me the freedom to write whatever I want.  And while the stuff I have that’s sitting unsold is generally highly praised by the few readers that see it, editors oftentimes don’t see it as commercially viable.  I tend to offend sensitivities and take risks.

So, just to let you guys know, I haven’t been blown up out here.  I’ve been saving the day one IT project at a time as super contractor.  I’ve also been planning for the future, so I can continue to not need food stamps.  And I’ve been churning out the novel between stories.  Oh, and slowly cracking at the MZB Challenge.

Thanks for tuning in to my station, sporadic as it is.


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