War Journal 10: A Novel Approach

It's not a best seller until you write your own shirt off.

The past couple of days I’ve been mulling over what to talk about for my next rant grenade.  I was drawing blanks.  Was I all out of angst?  Surely not.  Yet and still I wasn’t passionate about anything I currently dislike… at least not at war with it enough to give it life through words.  Then I realized why I lacked fire for my ire.

At this moment in space time, I’m more than my fair share of happy and optimistic.  I started writing my first novel this week.  With that kind of excitement, who has time to be upset?

The characters are singing to me.  The places are full of life all their own.  I’ve built the foundations of a pretty sweet fantasy world and populated it with all manners of intrigue.  I’ll never have a first novel again, and I’m enjoying every bit of it.  I was kinda waiting until I made SFWA pro the short story route.  But why wait?  I’m getting older and the slushpile is ever Immortal.

What this means is a bit of a lull in my short story writing.  I have a bunch working the slushpiles anyway, so I figure by the time I’m done with the novel I’ll be ready to write something different.  I’m hoping by the time the novel is done, copy edited, and hitting the big names in books some of those stories I’ve written will have sold.  Of course you’ll hear it here first.

Meanwhile, I just wanted to let you all know I’m shooting at a bigger target now.


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