Intelligence Report: Technovelgy

You would think it’d be fairly easy to get ideas in the age of news feeds and data streams.  It’s raining input… all you gotta do is open up a browser and let it quench your thirst.

But it doesn’t quite work like that, at least not all the time.  Maybe we’re jaded by all the information.  Maybe after awhile a lot of the stuff just looks a bit boring.  It fails to inspire.  Maybe the cool stuff is getting nudged out of the headlines and put in the margins because more people want to know about Paris Hilton’s red carpet dress disaster and Justin Beiber’s paparazzi meltdown.  If only there was somewhere on the information superhighway that filters out all the disposable noise and leaves the idea inducing good stuff.

Let me introduce you to

Grow an eyeball in a dish?  Yep.  Graphene paper 10x stronger than steel?  Check.  The IRS able to pre-audit to predict you cheating on your taxes?  Seriously, it’s on there.

Technovelgy’s major focus is to show its readers where the news has caught up with the vision of science fiction writers of years past.  I don’t know if they do this to show how SF is inspiring actual science or that forward thinking SF writers have predicted the future… but I do know they have over 2,000 articles of weird, wired and cutting edge in their database.  They post the news along with the reference to whatever SF book or movie that the idea was first written in.

Seeing this stuff can’t help but get the gears turning.  These ideas spark your ideas which ignite into stories and novels.  Maybe you’re fighting the urge to be inspired by someone else’s idea; you believe in the self-generated idea that’s entirely free of external stimulus, additives and preservatives.  For you guys they have a section called Beyond Technovelgy: Science and Technology News.  Here you’ll get raw science news, the stuff you can revision into your very own unique world of tomorrow that no one else has ever planted a flag on.  Then you’ll be able to say “I am Columbus!”  And the natives will say “dude, there’s a much easier way to get here…”


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