War Journal 09: Rush Triumphant

Yes, every convoy is this fun.

It’s been a long time, I shouldn’t have left you, without a new blog to step to…

In the time I haven’t been blogging, I’ve been making moves around the world and through it.  After my arrival to Baghdad, I had a day to prep and then I convoyed again into the International Zone to get my passport.  Nothing intrepid about it the second time; I picked up the new passport in all of twenty minutes and was left with 4 hours to kill.  I met a random dude who also convoyed out there but had lost his documents.  I showed him around to various places like I was a long time resident and got him his stuff back.  Then we sat out and he regaled me with stories of his adventures in Europe.  If nothing else, he killed my time.

After that it was virtually nothing but studying and more studying as I prepared to take a certification test.  This was the last one out of five tests to be a fully certified Enterprise Administrator for Windows Server 2008.  I know you guys look at me as a writer, but these random sales here and there wouldn’t feed anybody… not even those kids that you can adopt for just ten cents a day.  So after several months of studying and test taking and more study and more testing I was ready to validate all the hard work.

And I failed.

I didn’t verify this until I left Baghdad, but Microsoft had changed their test.  Now there were all these new applications and networking strategies I had never even heard of, much less studied.  My coursework was woefully out of date.  It’s hard to pass a test when you’re not studying the stuff that’s on the test.

But that’s my realization after leaving Baghdad… while I was there I felt stupid and hopeless.  I cursed the evil of Bill Gates and questioned my capacity to learn.  But after coming all this way, I wasn’t going to give up.  I rescheduled for two days later and ate, drank and breathed the exam prep materials.  I googled some of the new terms that had blindsided me on the test and learned them too.

And I passed.

So yes, I left you guys blogless for about a week.  But I do have a shiny new passport and shiny new credentials that verify that I can take care of a Microsoft Windows network environment.  Least you guys know if I take off for this long, I’m gonna come back with something.  I’m not the dude who strolls in late to the office without any donuts.



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2 responses to “War Journal 09: Rush Triumphant

  1. Ajinu

    Hey, you didn’t mention the wrinkle free polo with the Microsoft logo. I can see myself shrinking it in the wash now. I’ll wear it with pride for you! lol

    • Oh, sweet nectar of the gods… my first Kitty cat comment! I didn’t want to bring up the shirt because I knew my thoughts would drift to you shrinking it… and wearing it… and there’s nothing I like more than seeing you in my shrunken shirts and some underwear that doesn’t match… but they’re shouldn’t, they’re not supposed to… but damn, the whole haphazard appeal teases my eyes… it looks so carefree and inviting… and I try, I try so very much, a veritable campaign of sweet nothings and sweeter somethings, to get you to roll around with me because me, I need, absolutely crave, to wrinkle that shirt while you’re wearing it… I think “is it really wrinkle free?” But I can’t get the answer… cause you, you little minx of a kitty, you taunt me and run off without letting me put that shirt through some stress testing… you run off with those drawers that don’t match to go and shrink more of my shirts…

      Meanwhile, my readers get confused. Some think “now this is a man that appreciates quality wrinkle free synthetics”. Others say “if this is the level of playful banter I can expect from him, the hell if I ever leave a comment”. And yet others still (my favorite demographic) read it all and say “so that’s what he meant by Rush Triumphant!”

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