War Journal 04: A Sporadic Nature

Yeah, I kinda deceived the few and far betweens out there with this blog.  I know the first two weeks or so looked like I was going to promise new content on the daily.  And I would.  But I’m a writer, so my artistic mind goes in sporadic bursts.  When it comes down to it, I could be blogging up content or writing stories.  If I did the former instead of the latter, then dear readers, I wouldn’t be a writer.  I’d be a blogger.

Nevertheless, I have updates for you.  I’ve got about five stories not being marketed because they’re undergoing my editorial process.  And I hate that process… it’s my least favorite endeavor in writing.  But I’ve gotten leaps and bound better at it than I used to be.  I still try to write all my first drafts as near perfect as I can make them, but when I go back over them I see minor points that need correction or scenes that need embellishment.

All this is to say that soon these five stories will hit the cold hard streets of the city they call Slushpile.  When that day comes, I’ll format them so they look respectable… you don’t want nobody joking on your babies when they hit the streets.  I’ll tell them I love them and to do their best and then they’ll go out to make a dent in the world.

And in the meanwhile, look for content here in the same sense that you’ll see me in print… in sporadic bursts!


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