War Journal 02: All Quiet on the Electronic Front

Prince Hanzoku terrorised by a nine-tailed fox
The new firefox eats acceptance letters. Even Jesus fears it.

So I’ve been back in Iraq now for a week, week and a half.  It’s hard to keep track cause I work everyday and the routine pervades until all the days ooze into a monochromatic mush.  When in  the field, it’s hard not to use approximate dates.

Speaking of dates, before I left Iraq last month to celebrate the splendor that is Black History Month, I made damn sure all my previously unpublished short stories were out and about making their rounds to various websites and publishers.  Now that I’m back and a whole month has passed since my R&R, surely someone’s gotten back to me, right?

But my inbox is empty.  Even the guys who swear that my rich Nigerian relative died and left me a fortune forgot to write.

I know this is normal.  It usually takes about three months for any one place to get back to you.  And all the writing tips and advice gurus tell you that the wait time on acceptance (or rejection!) letters is the perfect time to write more stories.  That’s hard advice to knock.  I’ve followed that advice on some occasions and put thoughts to words on page… fun stories that are working their way through the slush even as I write this.

No matter what I do, and as occupied as I can get.  There’s always that little voice in my head, that small insistent whisper that tells me, “maybe today it will come.  And they will have loved it.”

I put a couple of pieces in for SFReader’s Short Story Contest.  Their contest rules state that if you don’t hear from them by March 31, they didn’t accept your submission.  The good news is that they MUST be close to accepting their finalists, so I could literally open my mailtool in an hour and have that congratulatory letter sitting in the inbox.  The bad news is that if I didn’t make it, I gotta wait through the whole month to find out I got dissed.  The day of discovery, April Fools Day.

So I got a few short weeks until I discover whether I’m one step closer to getting that pro circuit paper or just another fool getting punked as part of a timeless tradition.

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