Intelligence Report: Flash Fiction Online

By heaping leaps and bounds, Flash Fiction Online is one of the better story sites and the best flash fiction site out there.  All the stories are snack sized at 1000 words or less, so they’re easy to digest for those of us with get up and go lifestyles.  Despite how short the stories are, you’ll find many of them will linger with you for quite some time.   The editors, with Jake Freivald at the helm, are plain good at what they do.

You other writers out there, I encourage you to check out Bruce Holland Roger’s writing columns on the site.  His “short-short sighted” articles are virtually must-reads if you’re interested in writing flash fiction.  He’s currently working a new column called “Technically Speaking” which shows a lot of promise in helping writers in fields other than flash. 

Great stories, great advice, what else do you need from a fiction website?  Well, if you’re submitting to them, I’m sure you’ll want to know how they’ll treat your work.  I respect their process.  And I think it works well, if the diversified amount of writers they’ve published is any indication.  It’s hard to accuse a site of hooking up their buds or pandering to star power when only a handful of people have published with them more than once.

Bottom line: If you’ve got a flash piece that rocks, send it to them. 

For a diversion: Check out my favorite story thus far on their site, courtesy of Rod M. Santos.


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